Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Always A Daddy's Girl

As I recorded my daughter and my husband "two stepping" together tonight, I got teary eyed.

Moments like these between Nick and Dannika are so special.
I pictured their father/daughter dance on her wedding day.

Just like that.
Life passes by in an instant.

And no matter how much time Nick has spent away on deployments and training, Dannika thinks the world of him.
And when comes home after being away and reunites with her....
It's like he never left. 
She's a true daddy's girl, and both of them cherish every moment that they get to spend when they are together.

Seeing them together makes me smile.
 (sorry...none of these pics are in chronological order, and I didn't feel like rearranging them)

She was only 4 days old in this pic

This was taken yesterday. They cut snowflakes together. He came home from work a little early to join in on arts and crafts time.

 Today was "pajama day" at gymnastics. Out of all the stuffed animals that she had, she chose to take "daddy".

He came home from work early to come watch her at gymnastics. Can I also add that he was the ONLY dad in the viewing room at gymnastics?!? All the moms were "jelly".

3 months old...


For such a "manly" Marine...he sure is a softie when it comes to his baby girl.

I feel sorry for the future boyfriends in her life....


  1. Something about dads...or men and babies in general melts my heart! I think it's one of the cuest things in this world and those photos..oh gosh precious. I can't wait to see my Husband with our children when the time comes.

  2. So sweet. My daughter is a major daddy's girl too.

  3. He seems like such a hands on dad which is so great! The videos are so cute.

  4. This is so so sweet! I cannot wait for these days between Chris and Avalon. And my kids cart around their daddy dolls everywhere, he when the hubs is actually home. haha!

  5. So adorable! Both of my kids go running to the door and jump into my husband's arms every evening when he gets home. It's the sweetest thing!


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