Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Party Fun

Saturday night was Nick's unit's Christmas party/hail and bail for one of the Lts that is leaving soon.
It was held in Boston at Nick's XO's house.
The one thing I am loving about this duty is that it's a very very VERY small unit, and everyone is pretty tight knit.
Nick and his Major are the ONLY two Marines in the entire NROTC department staff, and the rest of the staff are all Navy Officers.
The party was a lot of fun, and I'm glad that we went!
Because of the little snow storm that was coming in Saturday night, we were contemplating on whether or not we were going to attempt to drive, but Nick insisted that we would not be stranded.
The party was an "Ugly Christmas Sweater" party, and Nick and I were total party poopers.
We did not dress up.
I think Dannika had the "ugliest" sweater in our family, and it wasn't even ugly.
It was an adorable holiday colored sweater from the Gap, and a Hello Kitty reindeer shirt from Old Navy....yeah...not ugly...
We just kept telling everyone that the "Romer's don't do ugly cause we're so good looking."
(you can laugh...I just laughed typing that)

Again, we put our son in Christmas reindeer attire....not really ugly....but adorable, right?!

So, I won a game called "Beanboozled".
Basically, there's a bunch of random jelly beans flavored like things like skunk, barf, centipede, etc.
These grossly flavored jelly beans are mixed in with good tasting jelly beans like coconut, chocolate pudding, banana, etc.
You randomly take turns eating these jelly beans out of a box, and you can't drink or eat anything afterwards.
If you eat or drink anything during the game, you are out.
If you've never had a skunk or barf flavored jelly bean, you're seriously missing out! 
But I won two bottles of wine :-)
We also came home with a giant basket of chocolate (just what we need) and a Duck Dynasty lawn gnome from a white elephant gift exchange.

So we survived our drive home in the snow storm, and like any normal person who has never lived anywhere that snows, we decided to do a photoshoot in our driveway.
Wait, what? You don't do that?!?!
Well we did....cause we're ridiculously good looking...and that's just what good looking people do.
(yes...don't feel bad if you're laughing again)

My Jeep Wrangler Unlimited's 4 Wheel drive definitely got some use that night!

I'm finally sitting down and catching up on all of my favorite blogs.
I love reading everyone's posts about what they are doing in different parts of the world during the Christmas season.
I love looking at your kid's art projects, your Christmas parties, the gifts you're buying...I. love. it. all.
As y'all already saw on yesterday's post, we got our first big snow for the season.
That meant that I had an overly eager 4 year old who just couldn't WAIT to go outside and play in it.
I did manage to get outside in the freezing cold with my DSLR to take photos of my adorable kids and hubby.

I had to dust the DSLR off since it's just been sitting in my camera bag!
Poor camera.
Never gets much use anymore thanks to my iPhone5. 

It's ok little're just like your mama. We don't like snow or the cold.

My lovely family :-) 
I'm the only one that does not own snow pants or snow boots.
Maybe...MAYBE...I'll invest in some this year so I can get out and play with my family....maybe not. 


  1. You totally make me laugh! And you guys are all so good looking :)

    I do not own snow pants either…but in my defense I was preggo last winter so I did not want to spend the money on pants that would only fit for a few months. This year I need to…but I have not gotten them yet.

  2. I love the novelty of snow for you. It's ok every once in a while, right? But you are going to have your hands full with your daughter. She seems to be loving the white stuff! I think you are going to need those snow pants :)

  3. mhm I'm with you, I could do without the snow and cold for sure! glad you got home safe!


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