Saturday, December 14, 2013

Embrace the Cold. Embrace New England.

As much as we have all come to the conclusion that we are not cut out for New England, we are  embracing life out here.
I keep telling myself how lucky we are that the Marine Corps affords us the opportunity to travel and live in places that we would otherwise NEVER choose to live (Massachusetts being one of them).
There are a few things about Massachusetts that have grown on me, that I will miss when we leave here.
1) the friends we have made out here are awesome "New Englanders"
2) Fall time apple picking
3) Cider donuts
4) the cheap cheap!
5) the education system here is freaking amazing! (the rest of the country should get on board with the was New England does school)
We got our first real snow of the season last week.
And everyone knows, this Texas girl doesn't like snow (and everything else that snow brings).
I was completely content drinking my coffee in my heated home wearing my fleece pajamas.
Of course my four year old had different ideas.
As soon as she saw the snow falling, she started begging me to take her outside to play in the snow.
Of course I told her no, and that it was too cold....
I wouldn't want us to get sick...
Every excuse I could think of...
She was persistent though.
She tearfully begged me to go outside to make snow angels.

I gave in.
Seriously...the things we do to make our children happy.
By the way, the entire TEN minutes we were outside, I was freezing and unhappy.

For those of you who have lived in the frozen tundra places that snow, you know what a pain it is to get your kids suited up and layered up to go outside.
My son reminds me of a certain little boy named Ralphie from "The Christmas Story".

I guess seeing this happy face was worth it. 
Mattis and mommy....we were cold.

When I was pregnant with Mattis, I couldn't wait till Christmas so that I could get my kids in matching Christmas jammies and take photos!

This is the closest I could get Mattis to smile for the camera.
(yes...we have blue carpet upstairs in our house. was not my choice. yes...I think it's hideous too. yes...we are obviously renting our home)

 Speaking of homes...
We are currently in the process of selling our house in California!
Prayers that offers start coming in fast, and that we can sell!

And some random pics of the kiddos.

Poor little guy. He has no idea that his sister put kitty cat ears on him.

We are doing a chocolate advent calendar with Dannika this year. 

Anyone else think her giant Hello Kitty doll is creepy?

Hope everyone's having an amazing holiday season so far!

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  1. Oh and it's going to get worse with the foot or so we're getting tonite.....


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