Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas Eve!

Just some baby giggles to start off your Christmas Eve...
I've watched this video about a million times, and each time, my heart just melts a little bit more.
Nick is seriously the only person that can make him laugh so hard!

We started our Christmas Eve morning with peanut butter and chocolate chip pancakes (made by my awesome hubby!).
We have a tradition of doing our stocking stuffers on Christmas Eve.
I know Dannika was DYING to find out what had been inside of her stocking for a few weeks now.
We usually do a $25 dollar limit per stocking for stocking stuffers, but over the years, it's become more about Dannika than anything else.
I basically grab anything and everything pink and/or Hello Kitty from the Target dollar section, and it's always a big hit with her.

And thanks to "second baby syndrome", Mattis got like 3 things in his stocking.
Seriously though, he's 4 months old!
He doesn't know!

Target dollar store goodies

Do you watch the show Scandal?
If you do, you'll know what I'm talking about when I say I've been obsessing over the "Olivia Pope wine glass".
You know that gigantic wine glass that she drinks red wine out of?
I'm not much of a red wine fan, I prefer whites (chardonnay and pinot grigio...in case you want to buy some for me).
Nick got me a set of the giant white wine glasses from Crate & Barrel for my stocking.
Obviously, only one glass fit in my stocking (for looks). 
I can't wait to drink wine out of it!!!

I got nick a tshirt, some Under Armour running socks, a mini bottle of Gentleman Jack, a mini bottle of Godiva white chocolate liqueur, some post work out supplements, and of course chocolate caramels.

I spent the rest of the morning pre cooking dishes for Christmas dinner tomorrow.
We are having our Indian friends over for a traditional American Christmas dinner!
They've invited us to their house several times for delicious Indian food, and have always been so hospitable to us.
We figured it was our turn, and show them how we celebrate Christmas!

I hope everyone has a beautiful Christmas Eve filled with joy, happiness, blessings, and family. 
I know that for some people, Christmas time isn't the most joyous time of year.
Many people have lost loved ones, lost a job, are experiencing the inability to provide things that you want to for your family, or any other hardships.
I pray that the spirit of God can lift you up during this time, and that he can bring some sort of joy to you.
And while physical gifts are nice to have under the tree, none of those earthly possessions will come with us or matter when we go to heaven to be in the Kingdom of God!
The greatest gift of all was His son and our Savior, Jesus Christ, and Christ is too big to put under any Christmas tree!


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