Monday, December 2, 2013

So Long Texas, Until Next Time...

Today is our last day in Texas.
I'm sad.

It was a gorgeous 75 degrees today and sunny.
It was absolutely beautiful. 
I wish i had packed my flip flops.

I love it here so much.
Every time I make a trip back home, I realize that Dorothy was right.
 There truly is "no place like home."
I realize more and more that there is no other place in this world that I would rather be than in Texas.
I love the friendly southern hospitality of the people here.
I love the delicious southern BBQ.
I love kolaches.
I love Shipley's glazed donuts.
I love queso and chips.
I love the immense amount of pride that Texans have for our state.
It truly is the best state.
Go anywhere in the world, and a foreigner will be able to tell you exactly where Texas is.

Most importantly, I love my family.
As much as they drive me crazy sometimes, they're my kind of crazy.
I loved being able to go visit my grandma in the hospital everyday for a few hours at a time and just sit and talk with her. 
My dad absolutely fell head over heels in love with my little Mattis.
He doesn't have sons, so I think finally having a boy in the family made him happy.

On our last day, we went out to lunch with my parents, and took Dannika and Mattis to the Houston Galleria to get their annual mall Santa photo.
Actually, it's Mattis's first Santa photo.
 Funny story, Mattis tried to nurse on Santa.
Talk about awkward.
Good thing Santa didn't notice.

I can't complain about this picture.
Dannika is smiling, and Mattis is looking at the camera.
Ridiculously over priced mall Santa photo well worth the money….

Back to the cold state of Massachusetts tomorrow. 
I'm excited to see our friends, but other than that, I'm just feeling a little "blah".
I just keep telling myself that our residency there is not permanent.
I do feel extremely lucky that my husband has a job that gives us a chance to explore all different parts of the world and live in places that we would otherwise never think to live in.
We make the best of it :-)


  1. You are right -- there's no place like home! Granted, I never want to really move back HOME again {Maine} but every time I'm up there I remember something else that I enjoyed about being there. Looks like you guys had a great visit!!

  2. You're right - there's no place like Texas! And thanks for making me hungry! ;-) How much longer do you guys have in? Jarrod has 9 years until retirement. We'll see what happens then. But we will be moving back to Texas at some point!


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