Sunday, December 8, 2013

Thanksgiving in Houston (pt. 4)

This is my last Thanksgiving post!!!
It was a packed week for us in Texas, and I'm glad I got to share it!

Because the Marine Corps has managed to keep me away from home for my entire adult life, when I go back, there are little novelties about Texas that I HAVE TO HAVE!
It's just a few things about Texas that make it special that you can't get anywhere else!

1) Shipley's 
You will forget about the place called dunkin donuts once you've had the ooey, gooey, soft, and pillowy deliciousness of a Shipley's glazed donut.
I refuse to eat donuts from dunkin donuts because I have become a bit of "donut snob" since I grew up with Shipley's.
Also, no one in the country besides Texans know what a freaking kolache is!
And when you go to Texas, make sure you have one.
It will change your life.

2) Shiner Bock beer
Brewed in Shiner, Texas.
You can actually find this in a lot of places around the country.
But for whatever reason, it tastes better in Texas.

3) Chick Fil A
Ok, ok, so Chick Fil A is not native to Texas, and you can find them all over the place.
However, since moving to Massachusetts, they're hard to find and there isn't one near us.
BUUUT, there is one walking distance from my parent's house, so we ALWAYS go when we go home.
I love me some waffle fries and Chick Fil A sauce.
Oh, and they have Diet Dr. Pepper!
It's hard to find places to serve Diet Dr. Pepper anywhere else in the country, but you can find it EVERYWHERE in Texas.
Why, you ask?
Because Dr. Pepper is native to TEXAS...duh!

 4) Texas BBQ
It's no secret that real BBQ comes from the South.
There's a cute little place called Rudy's in Houston that serves the most absolutely delicious brisket and ribs.
They also have a BBQ sauce that is to die for.
Not your typical sweet BBQ sauce.
Texas BBQ sauce tends to be a bit more on the "vinegary" side, as opposed to the east coast Southern BBQ (which tends to be sweeter).
Seriously though, you won't find BBQ like this anywhere in Cali or Mass.

And for those who don't like spicy BBQ sauce, their "Sissy sause" is still pretty amazing.

These are a few of my favorite things (you know you just sang that to the tune of the "Sound of Music" song).

After living in Southern California the last 10 years, and having easy access to places like Disneyland, Seaworld, and the absolutely spectacular San Diego Zoo, I've also become a bit of a "zoo snob".
We went to the Zoo up here in Boston, and it was seriously the lamest zoo I've ever been to in my entire life. 
There were no attractions, shows, and entertainment....just a buncha caged and fenced in animals.
They also had a lack of unhealthy zoo concessions.
I was so disappointed with the zoo here.
That's what happens when you've been to the San Diego Zoo a gazillion become a "zoo snob".
My parents live close to the Houston Zoo, and I remember going there as a kid all the time.
The Houston Zoo ranks right up there with the San Diego Zoo (it falls a teeeeny bit short).
We always make a trip to there when we're in town.
We didn't get to go this past Summer because I was like 7 1/2 months prego, and it was 106 degrees in Houston with a million percent humidity (yeah...that was not going to happen). pics of animals....just a bunch of "selfies" of ourselves.

Mattis' first trip to the zoo.
He was less than you can tell by his facial expression.

Lastly, what's Thanksgiving without some football?!

Bama lost (Nick's team)...yay!
The Aggies lost (Dannika, Mattis, and my team)!

And some random last photos of some cuteness...


  1. I know there is a Chick Fil A somewhere here in MA, but I have yet to go. We always go to the one at the Orlando airport when we go to Disney, so it's kind of our "southern" thing!

  2. Oo we will try out Shipley's the next time we're in Texas. They have so much good food in that state.

  3. Yum -- I've seen kolaches with the fruit in them ... but is that a hot dog?! Totally agree with you though -- there are just some things that taste better when you are at "home".


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