Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Perfect Travel Companions

We're back in Massachusetts, and we haven't even had a chance to breathe since our trip!
Nick went back to work today, and Dannika had gymnastics today.
I really could have used one more day to just unwind, and have Nick around to help with the kids.
But life never stops when it comes to motherhood and the Marine Corps!

Our trip home was absolutely wonderful.
Just getting to spend time with family, relaxing, and eating way too much delicious food was just what our family needed after the last few hectic months.

I was most nervous about Mattis' first plane ride.
Nervous is actually an understatement.
I didn't want to be "those parents" with "those kids" on the plane.
Having always lived away from family, Dannika is no stranger to plane rides.
She's been on a plane more times in her 4 years of life than some adults have in their entire life!
From the time she was an infant until now, she has been the absolute perfect little travel buddy and companion.
I was deathly afraid that Mattis was gonna be "that baby".
I figured I was entirely way too blessed with one perfect child to travel with.
Asking God for two perfect children would have been too much to ask of Him.
THANK GOD though that Mattis was an absolute angel!
People have asked me for advice, but I really have none!
I don't do anything special to keep my kids well behaved.
I'm just ridiculously blessed.
 The only "drama" we had while flying was on our way home.
We had a short 20 minute layover in Newark, and of course the gate we landed at and the gate of our final flight was on opposite ends of the airport!
I'm sure it was a funny sight to see our family sprinting through the airport to catch our flight!
My poor husband was carrying my 4 year old in his right hand, back pack on his back, her back pack in his left hand.
I lucked out and just had to push the stroller.
Needless to say, we barely made it to the gate....sweating our butts off!

The only "issue" we had while flying with this little guy was that he decided to poop, and it leaked out of his diaper.
It was everywhere (to include my poor husband's pants)!

I couldn't have asked for a better experience flying as a family of four, and I'm definitely not afraid to do it again!

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