Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Weekend Through Instagram

After a weekend packed with tons of fun with daddy, we are back to my solo parenting routine.
We had the absolute best weekend together as a family, and I am so grateful that my husband flew up for the short few days.
Like I mentioned before, I forget how much of a difference it makes to have another set of hands around the house.
It was so nice to sit in the living room with a drink in the evening while he bathed the kids, got them in jammies, read bedtime stories, and tucked them in.
Another thing I really enjoy is the adult conversation.
As cliche as this sounds, I really believe communication is one of the most important facets to a healthy marriage.
I love the conversations that my husband and I have in the evenings after the dust settles.
We talk about everything from our future, the kids, what we're thinking and feeling...
We laugh....
And while we talk on the phone every night when he's gone, it's not the same as having him right next to me.
I also love to cook...
But I only love to cook when I'm cooking for people I love.
Yes, I love my daughter, but she doesn't quite appreciate my cooking like my husband does.
She could care less if she's having a home cooked meal or boxed mac and cheese.
It was nice to be back in the kitchen cooking for my man!
I made him Texas style chili.
If you've never had Texas style chili, you've never had real chili.
Texas style chili is not made with ground meat, tomato of any kind, or beans.
It's made with chunks of meat (rump or boneless beef chuck), real chili peppers, garlic, onion, bacon, corn meal, and herbs/spices.
It's our official state food, after all!
I really enjoyed making it for him, since it's one of his favorite meals that I make!

When he's not around, I get into a strict routine that revolves around Mattis' nap time, Dannika's activities and preschool, and my daily work out.
I HATE deviating from my routine/schedule.
It's like clock work.
Of course since Nick came home this weekend, my routine went out the door.
Laundry piled up to the sky, Mattis' naptimes were all screwed up, and I didn't work out.
Oh, and I ate really bad. 
When my husband left yesterday, the rest of the day just seemed to drag on.
The house felt a little empty again, and dinner time was a little lonely.
My daughter is so used to this life that when he leaves, she just seems to pick up right where we left off without batting an eyelash.
Thank God for her, because she helps me bounce back.
I hope everyone had an awesome long weekend!

Just some last minute play time giggles with daddy before he left!

He is OBSESSED with his feet. He thinks they're the coolest things ever!

My Springfield XD45. I keep him near when hubby's away. Just an extra feeling of security ;)

Mattis has been rolling over from his stomach to his back for a few weeks now.
Of course the day he decides to roll over from his back to his stomach was literally RIGHT AFTER my husband left.

Just a random selfie.


  1. I so love chili! I hate cooking though. But I'm actually making chili for dinner! With corn bread.

  2. I am obsessed with Instagram! Obsessed.


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