Tuesday, January 14, 2014

How I Became Wife of the Year

Well...at least to my husband.
Nick is someone I consider a "country boy", but not like "hicky" or "redneckish". 
He barely has a southern accent, and the only way you would be able to tell he's from the south is when he says things like "fixin' to" and "y'all".
He also has a love for sweet tea, BBQ, hunting, and trucks.
He grew up as a military brat, but settled in Alabama when his step dad retired from the Air Force.
He considers Alabama home.

Because of Marine Corps life, and being constantly on the move, it's been years since he's been hunting.
He talks about hunting all the time, and every time he pulls out his little "hunting trophies" from the box of stuff in the garage, he makes it a point to tell me about the time he shot the biggest buck on his friend's ranch.
I always roll my eyes and something along the lines of, "I KNOW! You've told this story a thousand times" comes out of my mouth. 
But I know it's a memory he cherishes doing something that he loves that isn't Marine Corps related.

This past year, one of his best friends got him all excited about bow hunting.
He came home from Virginia last summer after his TAD there telling me about bow hunting, and how his friend Steve had this awesome bow, and how his friend Steve let him shoot his bow, and how his friend Steve.....you get it.
Then he met two guys from our church who are avid bow hunters, and that just furthered his excitement about this new adventure he wanted to embark on.
So for Christmas he told me he wanted a bow.
Simple, right?
I was thinking about a bow like the kind on "Pocahontas". 
You know, like a long piece of wood with some sort of elastic string attached to the ends of it?
Yeah...apparently bows have become a little bit more high tech and complex.
Oh, and expensive.
So my husband is now the proud owner of a Bear brand compound bow.
And THAT...ladies and gents...
is how I became "Wife of the Year".
Look how complex this thing looks!

No worries, he got husband of the year by getting me a new DSLR camera.
This is a shot taken with my knew Canon 60D.

 Oh, and Dannika wanted her own compound bow too since daddy got one.
She even stores it in daddy's bow case.
(obviously, hers is the hot pink one, and it shoots little suction cup arrows)

I know Nick can't wait for the day when he can take our kids hunting.

Like Father, Like Daughter


  1. Great gift! That's like the one that Daryl uses on the Walking Dead :)

  2. Wow!!!! exactly what i’m looking for. Great job! let me translate it and get the materials, then i shall make one.

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