Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Everyday Is Bicep Day

The Marine Corps is back to rolling sleeves in the Summer uniform!
If you're non Marine Corps, and slightly puzzled on why I am so excited about this, click here (Kara @ Ramblings of a Marine Wife) to get a brief story on the Marine Corps "sleeve rolling".
Honestly, I was happy when they told me I didn't have to roll my sleeves anymore.
It was a pain in the butt every Sunday evening to sit in my living room trying to get that "perfect roll".
I would wake up on Monday mornings in a state of panic if I realized I forgot to roll my sleeves the night before. 
In a mad rush, I'd do a sloppy job of rolling my sleeves, and feel like a crappy Marine until I found time to fix them. 
I tried to find a photo of me in cammies with my sleeves rolled, and this is the one I could find (I was making myself breakfast before work).
Most "photo worthy" pics of me in uniform are on deployment (when we are always sleeves down), or in a dress uniform).

Anyway, I'm happy for sleeves to go back up because I'm not in the Marine Corps anymore and don't have to worry about my
And guys with nice biceps look hot with sleeves up.
Like this stud that I just happened to be married to.

For real though....

So, if you're a Marine...better hit the gym!
You only have a few weeks to get those biceps looking nice!


  1. Wait! What!?! This is news to me. I was so disappointed when they took this away and now it's coming back.? Even though I always thought my husband's arm serculation was being cut off I still think it looks better in summer months.

  2. It's coming back and the Marines in the north are going to FREEZE until Winter finally decides it's done throwing insanely COLD temps at us. (MASS, IN, OH, MI, etc Marines. )

    1. We're stationed in mass! And we're Marines!!! We don't care about a little cold. We suck it the hell up!! Haha

  3. Nice! I think the Air Force can do that too. I think.

  4. Marines are so good about having their sleeves looking good! In the Navy we just roll up and not care lol. Hahahaha, love that Marines have pride in their uniforms! :)

    1. Haha! Maybe it's a little


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