Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Goodbye to My 20's

I'm 30 today.
It's so ridiculously surreal!
I feel like it was just yesterday when I was celebrating my 21st birthday!

And I'm sure to my parents, it felt like just yesterday I was celebrating my "dol" (Korean for first birthday).

When I turned 29, I started dreading turning 30.
I didn't want to be lumped into the "30's group".
30 seemed so old to me.

But as I got closer to 30, I realized how much I couldn't wait to turn 30.
I spent half of my 20's making poor and unwise decisions and choices.
I honestly don't remember most of my early 20's. 
I spent most of it partying, working, deploying, and partying....
Did I mentioned I partied....A LOT?!

I feel like by the time I hit 26, I really started getting my life together and "growing up".
It was around 26 when I gave birth to my daughter.

At 30, I feel like I've accomplished enough to cover a life time, and yet I'm still young enough to be just getting started.

By 30 I've....
 *been to a combat zone

Seriously...who gets to say they got to hit a few golf balls in Iraq?!
 *traveled the world
*built millions of dollars worth of rockets and bombs 

That's me and a 2.75 in rocket with the fins popped open (oops).
*fixed millions of dollars worth of missile launchers and aircraft guns
*changed the lives of many average young men (and one Enlisted woman and one woman Officer), and helped start their own careers in the Marines. 
*bought and sold a house
*given birth to 2 kids.

I've spent the last 12 years COMPLETELY independent from my parents.
The day I left the house at 18, my parents did not pay a single dime for me (except one time to help me with a down payment on my first car that I purchased on my own).
At 18, I had my own paycheck, medical insurance, dental insurance...
I had a career.
I was a Marine.

Like I said...today is so surreal.
The next 30 years will make me 60!
It's crazy to me what my life might be like?
Will I have grandkids?
Will my kids be married?
Will we be retired and living the good life in Texas?!

Goodbye 20's. 

HELLO 30's!


  1. Happy Birthday!! I felt the same way about turning 30 but I think my 30's will be better than my 20's!

    1. Thank you! I figure it can only go uphill from my 20's! Haha!

  2. Happy Birthday! I can't believe it's been so long since we were "babies" in PLT 4032 LOL...

    1. Thanks girly!!! I know! It's hard to believe that was almost 12 years ago!!!

  3. Happy 30th!! I think it's so neat you can say you've done so much before you're 30th birthday! And you're too kids- so precious!!


    1. Thank you so much! It's been an eventful decade to say the least!

  4. Happy birthday! I hope you enjoy it! You make 30 look great!! :)

    1. Aw, thank you! I hope I can keep it up! Lol

  5. Happy Birthday!!!!!!! I am a few years from 30, but I think I will welcome it with open arms. My 20's have been real good to me...but I think it will only get better!! I hope you are having so much fun spending your bday somewhere where you actually want to be! haha

  6. Great way at looking at it positively! It's a new adventure and you have accomplished a lot so far! Happy Birthday, girl!!!

    Just A Girl

  7. I think I'm just the opposite -- I'm only going to be 28 this year, but I am so ready to be done with my 20s and move on to my 30s. I guess I've just watched a few too many episodes of Sex and the City ... but like you said the 20s are for experiencing, partying and making mistakes. The 30s are when life really becomes enjoyable!

  8. Stay positive! I tend to get moody when my birthday rolls around! Happy birthday :)

  9. Welcome to the best decade of your life :) I love my thirties! I don't ever want to leave. Well I do but not in five years! Happy Birthday!

  10. Ok...I would so hang out with you. You just seem like one amazing woman!! Happy (belated) 30th birthday!! Here's to many more of being awesome!!


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