Thursday, March 20, 2014

Reason #33,453,454 Why I Blog

I didn't realize I was a "no reply commenter" until someone brought it up to me!
I swore I changed that setting on my blog months ago, but I guess it didn't work?
It's changed.

 I feel like after a life of building bombs and rockets, fixing guns and missile launchers, and being a recruiter stimulated my brain a lot more than it is being stimulated today.
I think being a stay at home mom is the hardest job I've ever done.
At the end of the day though, changing diapers, being a chef, a taxi driver, and a personal assistant to two little ones (on top of whatever other job title I take on that day) doesn't make me use the more intellectual part of my brain.
It's one of the reasons why I blog.  
It forces me to think, even though I may very well just be writing about my day changing diapers, being a chef, a taxi driver....etc.etc.etc.etc.etc..........
At least I am putting my thoughts and my day into words.
 If you're a stay at home mom, you can understand how much the lack of adult conversation in your day can sometimes drive you a little crazy.
I oftentimes feel like I talk my head off when Nick finally comes home because he's the first adult I've encountered all day, and all he wants to do is shut down cause he's tired of adult conversation!
I like blogging because it's like having a one way adult conversation with the world

Anyway, that's all I really gotta say today.
My family is currently anxiously awaiting some big news that could potentially change our lives.
The anticipation is killing me! 
God is really teaching me about patience this week, and it is not a fun lesson right now!
Some prayers would be appreciated for a calm and patient heart!

I'm hardly ever in a photo unless it's a "selfie", and I can't remember the last photo I took with Nick and Mattis. So here y'all go! Dannika was off playing and wreaking havoc at this indoor play space, which is why she didn't make the cut in this photo.

One of Nick's favorite things to do when he gets home is play with the kids. I love it. It gives me a break, and it makes me happy to see him happy.


  1. I started my blog for the same reason - adult interaction. Oh, and what is a no reply commenter??

  2. You hit the nail on the head -- after 12+ hours of conversations about princesses, play food and poop, I feel like I just talk Matthew's ear off about NOTHING! I find myself asking him all these stupid questions, just to hear another voice that doesn't belong to a little one! He gets annoyed. Thankful for blogging -- it saves me from constantly verbal vomitting on my husband!

  3. I started my blog because I was going a little stir-crazy being stuck in an apartment in Quantico ALL DAY with no other spouse friends (at the time) and waning to find some sort of creative outlet. I missed writing. I love art. And it wouldn't hurt to update family while doing so, because I never post a status on Facebook- maybe twice a month? Unless it's a blog post link or Instagram picture, actually. Yeah. blogging is fun! Great community. I learned pretty quick about being a no-reply commenter and changed that asap. So nice. Sorry I hadn't gotten back to you yet!

  4. That comment about the no reply comments made me remember to switch my settings too! Apparently mine got switched somehow as well, but I changed it, thanks for the reminder! haha

  5. I talk Chris to death when he walks in the door, he is always like, dude you could talk someones ear off! I'm like I KNOW!!! There are only so many conversations about pirates, toy story, and trains I can have in one day. Ahhhhh!!!!! Oh and I can't wait to hear your news :)

  6. I totally understand what you mean by lack of adult interaction. Sometimes I find myself talking to my Hubby about things I don't even care about just so I can have a grown up to talk to! Blogging really does help though which is one of the reasons why I do it too.

    Great photo of you all!

  7. THat is definitely one of the reasons I blog too! I talk kev's ear off as well- it is hard not talking to other adults all day long. Good luck with your patience- can't wait to hear what the news is!

    1. I've seen a general consensus from all the stay at home mom bloggers that they become quite the "talkers" when their husbands come home! lol. Glad I'm not the only one!


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