Wednesday, April 9, 2014

An Irritation + California

We went back to the ophthalmologist yesterday for a check up on Nick's eye.
We thought that we'd get amazing news, and that he could get off the eye medication he is on.
Unfortunately, he is still out of commission for another WEEK AND A HALF!
I, personally, am ok with having him home, taking care of him, and just spending time together.
What I am NOT OK with is that the healing is taking so slow, and it's starting to worry me a little.
I guess on the bright side, it IS healing...
I'm still pretty upset with the whole situation, and I can't even make light of the situation any more.
And by the way, I found out today that Nick probably wouldn't have been involved in this childish, and idiotic dodgeball game if it he weren't called out to come play by someone.........
I have too many anger issues with this situation right now.
Thank God for gym memberships...
I've been taking out my anger and aggression out at the gym and hazing my body.

Time for some happy thoughts and happy photos from our SoCal Vacation!
These photos are kinda all over the place, but I don't feel like rearranging them. 
Sorry, but this is my blog... :)

So we missed our connecting flight from Houston to Boston, and we couldn't get out until the next day.
Lucky us, my parents living in Houston, and we got to spend a day with them.
That meant we got to get breakfast at Shipley's donuts, and eat KOLACHES!
Shipley's donuts and kolaches are two things native to TEXAS, and you haven't lived until you've had them!
Dunkin' Donuts has NOTHING on Shipley's!

With the lack of military bases around here, Nick hasn't had an amazing military regulation hair cut since moving here to New England.
He was so happy to go to his old barber in San Clemente to get an amazing haircut for 10 BUCKS!
Haircuts here cost 20....seriously....that means we spend 80 bucks a month on just hair cuts, and they're not even that great.

A view of the beach (at dawn) that I used to run on all year long when we lived in Orange County.

My sweet son :)

 Our family stayed at the Laguna Cliffs Resort & Spa in Dana Point, CA.
Nick used to take me here for overnight "date nights" for anniversaries, New Years, etc., so I thought it'd be cool to stay here as a family.
It's absolutely gorgeous, family friendly, yet romantic as well!

 When Nick and I stayed here in the past for overnight dates, we always end up in the hotel bar and talk over drinks until it's way too late.
I was pleasantly surprised to see the same bartender that used to serve us still working there, and she remember me!

We had dinner at our friend's house in Laguna Hills.

Flight home.
Beer+in flight entertainment+occupied baby with a napkin=good flight!

The next morning at my parent's house after our missed connecting flight.
My two tired travellers.

And lastly, Nick and I got to go on TWO kid free date nights while we were in California!


  1. I cut Kev's hair on my own since we decided it wasn't worth it to shell out the $$ for a bad haircut every other week!

    1. I tried to learn how to do a Marine regulation fade...ITS SO HARD!!!!!!!

  2. I hope that his eye gets better soon, and then maybe you can let go of the anger! LOL. I know its not funny, but I love how protective you are. And haircuts...ugh! Chris used to spend 20 + tip a week, and always coming home unhappy with his hair. So I started cutting it. It is super time consuming on a sunday night, but all the boys just line up in the bathroom and let me do it. haha!


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