Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Dirty Thirty

*Update on Nick*
His eye is still pretty jacked up.
The doctor was optimistic it would heal, as long as he stays on bed rest and does not strain anything.
I'm still pretty pissed off at the person who did this to him.
The wound is still fresh in my heart. 
Why do they call it the "dirty thirty" anyway?
What's so dirty about thirty?

I'm actually in love with the fact that I finally got to join my hubby in the 30's club.

My husband planned a little "shin dig" for me on my birthday (wait...do people still say the word "shin dig"? Did I just date myself?!).
My birthday just so happened to have fallen on Taco Tuesday, and if you have ever been in Southern California (or Texas), Taco Tuesday's a pretty big deal!
Without hesitation, I knew I wanted to celebrate at my all time favorite Mexican restaurant in Orange County, El Adobe.
 Oh, and that sweet Louis Vuitton Speedy bag I'm carrying....yeah...that was my birthday present from the hubs.
Major brownie points. 
I've always been a handbag girl, and every 5 or so years, I like to invest in a really really nice one.
It just so happens that my 30th birthday fell in perfect time for a new piece for my collection.
I blame my mother for my taste.
People are shocked at the amount of money I have spent on a handbag, but in my defense, my mother has vintage Louis Vuitton's that were purchased 20-30 years ago that are still in mint condition.
Oh, and Louis Vuitton's NEVER go out of style.
You pay for the quality.
Sorry, but a Coach bag ain't gonna last you two decades in mint condition.

(Sorry...I felt the need to defend my husband's purchase of my birthday present, because I can sense the hate already).

Onto my birthday!
My best friend, and a few other friends came out for dinner and drinks.
We laughed, talked about our life in the OC, and ate some delicious food.
It was nights like my birthday that really made me miss living in California in the company of our best friends, amazing cuisine, and laughter.
We seriously never laughed so hard.
I couldn't have asked for a better birthday!

This is Fernando the bartender.
The BEST bartender in Orange County.
He's legendary...literally.
There's articles written about him in Orange County.
 I also happened to have been his son's recruiter, and his son is now a Marine reservist. :-)
His family has a special place in heart because of that.
Nick and I used to go to El Adobe JUST to see him and have a cocktail from him.

This is my friend Mike, me and Nick (obviously).
Mike and I were recruiters together, and he turned into part of our family during that time.
He's loud and inappropriate, but when it comes to loyalty and friendship, you won't find a friend like him.
I'm SO glad he came out!

 After dinner, we walked across the street to a little dive bar in San Juan Capistrano called the "Swallows Inn".
It's a dingy little bar packed with so much fun.

Seriously, have you seen us happier?! 
People see this picture, and they are shocked at the amount of joy that is exuding from one photo.

I'm ready to move somewhere that makes us this happy again.
Until that time, we're gonna soak up what we can of New England, enjoy it the fullest, and live life!


  1. I will be in So Cal in 2 weeks and I will most definitley be getting my Mexican on. The best Mexican food I have ever had was in Old Town San Diego.

  2. Nice birthday present missy! I like it. I hope your hubs heals fast and well!

    Just A Girl

  3. Love the bag.. You both work hard, save And plan.. A special birthday present for special birthday is nothing to feel guilty about..

  4. Yay for birthdays! And no need to defend the bag. I am all about quality when it comes to handbags and shoes. I love my speedy bag, and it has been through a lot over the years and still in great condition. I now use my neverfull GM bag as my diaper bag and it is great!

    You guys look like you had so much fun!

  5. Looks like fun!

    That's fine about the bag. I spend a lot of money on clothes for my daughter. I'm sure some people are like, "But WHY?"

  6. Happy Birthday!!!! You looked beautiful. Yay for your new bag!


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