Thursday, April 24, 2014

Health, Fitness, & Social Media

 I'm THAT person on social media.
I post my work outs, I take post run/pre run "selfies" and put on my instagram.
I post my RunKeeper results for everyone to see.
I've actually pulled back a little lately, because I realized all the photos kinda looked the same.
Someone told me I was vain and fishing for compliments...rude. 
The reality is, when I post things like that on social media, it keeps me accountable.
It's nice to get encouragement from others, and it's also nice when people tell me that my "post run selfie" I put on Instagram motivated them to get out and go for a run that day.
I also enjoy looking at other people's fitness posts and photos of their pre/post workouts.
I'm one of THOSE people that will spend way too much time on Instagram looking at all the photos that people have hashtagged with #running, #fitness, #anythingthatisfitnessrelated.

And to all my beautiful friends who post their run times, mileage, PR's, Crossfit videos, etc. etc. etc....
KEEP IT UP, cause I LOVE looking at them!

I received two messages on Facebook this week in regards to my love affair with fitness.
"Why do you work out so much?"
-It feels good. It's a natural high, and the endorphins my body produces is the most amazing feeling in the world. Even when every muscle in my body hurts, and I can barely move from a work out, it's the best kind of pain. This is probably reason #1.
-Reason #2 would be I want to look hot for my husband.  I was fit when we got married, and I plan to stay that way for eternity. Everyone has their "type" and their "preference". Nick just so happens to have noticed my legs and abs when he first saw me outside of cammies, and I am convinced that he fell a little in love with me that day (even though it was only our first date).
Nick is the farthest thing from shallow, and I'm confident I could gain a 100lbs, and he'd still love me unconditionally.
  But he stays looking good for me, so I return the favor :)
Besides...we are happiest as a couple when we feel good about ourselves.
 This photo was taken just an hour prior to going to Nick's apartment for our first official date (which is why I have a SoCo and Dr. Pepper to calm my nerves).
This is what I wore with some pretty banging heels. :)
He talks about these white shorts and heels I wore to this day.
"You talk about running like I do a spa day."
A friend sent me this on facebook the other day and commented that I talk about running like she does a spa day. lol.
I chuckled.
 -Running and working out ARE my spa days, and lucky me, I get to have a "spa day" EVERY day!
It destresses me.
It helps me decompress.
And bonus...I get fit in the process!

Living an active lifestyle and being healthy are some of our top priorities in the Romer house.
We could lose everything tomorrow, but at least I'll have my health, my running shoes, and an open road somewhere for my running shoes to pound.
I'm no fitness expert, nor do I have the perfect body.
I think the words "perfect body" are just ridiculous.
But I can tell you this...
My body is perfect for me...
This body's given birth to TWO beautiful children.
I've seen this body do things in the gym that I never thought I'd ever be able to do.
Take care of your body...
It's the only one you get.


  1. I don't mind it at all and I wished I loved working out as much as you do.
    Heck at this point I wish I could go for a walk! ;)

    1. Thanks Marcella! I lack confidence in a lot of areas of life, but when I'm working out, I feel most confident. I am still praying for your foot.

  2. I wish I could get excited about running like you do. Maybe I just need to force myself to start out slow, doing a mile here and there ... and then build up to more. Because right now?! I'd need to be chased by a rabid animal to go too far!

  3. I think it's funny when people comment on how much some post work-out posts... and it's usually people who never get out there and work out at all! I think it's great to see people taking care of themselves! :)

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