Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Kids, Bikes, Jeeping

Today is gross and rainy outside.
I'll take rain over snow any day, though!
I am thankful for the nice weather we've been having these past few days, so I can forgive the rain.
Dannika is on Spring Break this week, and I expected this week to be a lot of relaxing (for the all of us), but it's been everything but that!
Yesterday was one of those days as a "stay at home mom" that I really enjoyed.
I felt extremely productive, and those who know me know that I need productivity in my life to be happy.

We walked to the library...
Dannika did these puzzles ALL by herself.
Such a smart girl.

My friend was with us, and has a background in counseling.
She noticed that Dannika starts putting puzzles together from the middle, and not the outer edges first like most kids/people do.
She said it meant she was more detail oriented.
People who start puzzles from the outside (the edges first), are more of the "big picture" people, but don't care too much about details.
It makes sense to me.
Dannika is extremely detail oriented and methodical in everything she does.

Nick and I's first big purchase together when we got married was this 2008 Yamaha R1.
Nick used to have an R6 that was stolen, and I purchased this R1.
Before we had kids and lived in California, we used to go riding together all the time.
Since moving to Massachusetts, the bike has just been sitting in the garage.
The snow...the crappy roads...
It's impossible to own a motorcycle, let alone a street bike here in New England.
ANND....Nick and my bodies are not "spring chickens" anymore.
Riding a crotch rocket all hunched over hurts!
So we both made the decision to sell it.
I must say, it was a lot easier to part with it than I thought!
We want to buy a Harley one day....

Who doesn't love a sleeping baby photo?

This photo makes me laugh.
Mattis' head looks HUGE.
And no, he didn't pull himself up on his own, but he likes me to stand him up.

The babies had fun at the library too :)

I thought I was dreaming when I saw this on my dash.
I was in heaven...
Yes...I drove around all day with the windows down blaring the Frozen soundtrack...
 Guys are always checking out a girl driving a Jeep Wrangler...
Let me tell ya...they get real excited when they realize I'm jamming out to "Let It Go"....
And I get brownie points when they realize I have TWO carseats with actual children in them in the backseat. 
Nick better watch out for all these guys...

Happy Hump Day, y'all!


  1. Belting out the Frozen soundtrack in the car is the only way to go these days! ;)

  2. Chris had the same bike!!!!!! We sold it after we had Pierce and moved to GA, he just didn't have time to ride anymore. But man we had fun with that thing!! Chris wants to get a Fat Boy once our life settles down a bit and he had some time to himself. haha!

  3. I love a sleeping baby photo!

  4. Those puzzles are awesome! Looks like the kids had fun at the library!

  5. We owned a Harley for awhile but after the little two were born, we sold it. Hubby said we didn't get time to ride it and I was always afraid we would get hurt on it and who would take care of the babies. One of these days (retirement years) I'd like to own a Trike. I think they look super comfortable and I'd love to tour the US on one!

  6. I like that it is lightweight and easy to balance.

  7. when my kids were small I found it very important to have a sleep routine. Yes during summer break I found it very hard to keep that routine.


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