Saturday, April 12, 2014

Surviving Easter Egg Hunts

We took our daughter to our church's annual Easter Egg hunt today.
Unlike last year, it was an absolutely GORGEOUS New England Spring day.
It wasn't really an Easter Egg "hunt". 
It was more like a giant field with Easter Eggs tossed all over the place, and it was more of an Easter Egg free for
I always learn a lesson in humanity at these Easter Egg hunts.
I realize parents are crazy!
I mean, I have a bit of crazy in me too when it comes to protecting my husband and kids.
I realize parents gauge their children's successes in LIFE based on the number of Easter Eggs their child finds.
Meaning, I saw more parents out on the field grabbing as many plastic Easter Eggs as they possibly could, just to toss them into their 4 year old's basket.
I mean, really?!?
It really is "survival of the fittest" with these Easter Egg hunts.
My daughter literally had Easter Eggs practically stolen out of her hands from eager parents and older children.
I'm thankful that my daughter is mature enough to be the "bigger person".
(By the way, how sad is it that my 4 year old is a bigger person than a 35 year old?!)
There were a few times that I wanted to angrily shout a few "choice words" at certain adults, especially when they shoved my little 4 year old to the side to grab an egg.
I held my tongue because it was an event put on by our church, and a lot of people that were there had never been to our church.
I didn't want to be "the one" that put a bad spotlight on Christians.
God really tested my patience.
I guess at the end of the day, my daughter had an ABSOLUTE blast.
That's all that matters, and the amount of work that was put in to make this event a success was unreal.
There were SO MANY people!

I woke up pretty irritated this morning because of the fact that Nick wouldn't be able to really enjoy today with the kids.
Little things like this mean a lot to me because he's been gone for so many "little things".
It means a lot to Dannika as well, and the fact a game of dodgeball (amongst other things) ruined the beginning of our family's Spring just irritated me beyond belief.
But again, God showed me a lesson in appreciation today.
I was happy that Nick's presence was with us today, even though he couldn't really do much.

"What is this thing?"

Dannika found a Golden egg!

The "General" just chillin' thinking, "this place is cray cray!"

With her golden egg, she got a prize from the price table.
Of course my soon to be Texan picked the pink cowgirl hat with light up tiara!

And of course, she had a blast playing with her friends.

After we got home, since the weather is so nice outside, I took my nice camera out and snapped a few Spring photos of the kids.

Happy Spring, y'all!
Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Stories like this, and our same experiences with them, are why we don;t do the local easter egg hunt anymore. We literally had two moms throwing punches because one kid stole an egg out from under another kid. Full on removal of earrings, cuss words and all -- and this was on the 4&under side of the hunt!! It was ridiculous! We just do one at home now, instead!

    1. OMG! That is insane!!!!! Seriously though...parents are ridiculous at these things. I was ashamed of being an adult amongst all these little kids.

  2. We've had the same experience at an egg hunt in Virginia a while back. We haven't been to a large egg hunt since. Our church is having an egg hunt after mass next weekend though, so I'm anxious to see how that goes.

  3. Oh girl, that's so crazy. There should be a rule or something.. I could see if the kids were one or even two to have their parents help but 4?? That's seriously old enough to take on the challenge alone!

  4. I totally understand what you mean by crazy parent's. I swear the older your kids get the crazier their parent's get too. Trust me, I have a teenager! Glad your girlie had a great time though. Wouldn't it be wonderful to see the world through a child's eyes again? They don't see a bit of that negativity.

    Beautiful Spring pics you took. Your babies are adorable!

  5. Easter Egg hunts can get a little cray cray but i am glad Dannika still came out with some good loot :)


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