Tuesday, May 27, 2014

9 Months

A day late posting this (cause yesterday was Memorial Day), but my big boy is 9 months old as of yesterday!
He didn't really want to cooperate this month with his monthly photos, so no big smiley faced photos this month.

This is as close to smiling as I got from him...

But in all honesty, if we're going to sum up in a photo what his 9th month of life has been like, this one would be more appropriate...
My sweet happy boy has turned into my sweet cry baby.
We can only blame it on teething for so long, right?
Good thing he's adorable, or this mama woulda clocked out a long time ago.

So this month...

You've been quite "challenging" to say the least. 
We call you our "high maintenance" child, and the phrase, "your sister was NEVER like this, Mattis!" has become second nature to your daddy and I.

HOWEVER, despite the "challenging" times, you've also brought us lots of joy (just as you have every month)...

Some new things this month about you...

*You LOVE bubbles! We blow bubbles at you, and your little shrieks of joy are contagious, and absolutely adorable! You throw your arms up in the air while screaming, trying to catch all the bubbles, and eating them....of course.

*You're totally off baby foods, and eat everything we do.

*You're trying so hard to CRAWL! I'm not sure if I'm ready to have you mobile yet, but it sure is cute to watch you try! You cross your ankles and try and push off with your toes to do a sort of a "modified low crawl". You've attempted to get on all fours, but you just fall on your face.

*You still love being propped up standing. Sometimes, it's the only way we can keep you calm is to prop you up in the standing position.

*You started waving "bye bye" and "hello". Actually, we're not sure if you really know that's what it means, but it's really adorable when you wave your little chubby hand at people.

*We dipped your feet into the Atlantic ocean this month, and YOU LOVED IT! You started kicking your little toes in the water and screaming for joy. 

*You love playing with your sister in her playroom with all her Barbie cars.

*You love sitting in daddy's Chevelle. You're always so content just sitting in the passenger seat while he works on the car. 

It's crazy to think that for the next two months, it's just gonna be you, your big sis, and mommy.
You're gonna be so big and so different when daddy comes home in August!
He's gonna miss your big ole head and gummy smile this summer!
We love you, sweet baby boy!


  1. It is so good to see you enjoying even the "difficult" times. They grow up SO fast!!

  2. Sweet.

    My kids were always water babies too.

  3. How is he nine months already? I feel like you just had him. haha! Time goes by waaay to fast!

  4. Ahhh they grow up so fast! Hard to believe he's already 9 months old -- and so adorable!


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