Sunday, May 25, 2014

Adventures at the Cape

Ever since we moved here to Massachusetts, EVERY local person here has told us to never leave here without visiting Cape Cod (or just "the Cape" as the locals call it).
It never intrigued me, and I never really had any desire to check it out.
I lived in Southern California...the land of some of the most beautiful beaches in the U.S. for 10 years.
I figured these "New Englanders" had no idea what a really nice beach actually was.
Our neighbors down the street own a beach bungalow and a beach house on the water at the Cape (along with 2 large boats and a small bass boat).
Ever since we moved onto our street, they have been offering us their bungalow, and encouraging us to go down there to check it.
We've never been able to go because of Nick's hectic work schedule taking him away all the time.
Since this is our last full weekend as a family before Nick leaves for 10 weeks next weekend, he surprised me on Tuesday, and told me he got the bungalow for the weekend down at the Cape.
So on Saturday morning, bright and early, we headed to East Falmouth to spend the weekend.
And man, am I glad that we went!
I am usually a "planner", and I need an agenda when we go on vacation...even short ones.
I want a schedule of things "to do" and "to see".
Thank God for my "go with the flow" husband, and I forced myself to just "let it go" (go ahead and know you're singing the Frozen song).
Once we got down there, we decided all we wanted to do was eat some good seafood, lobster rolls, and just relax at the beach, and that is exactly what we did.

Cape Cod is a totally different type of beach environment compared to California.
It reminded me a little of San Clemente, CA, but with more of an "upper class" feel.
It was a very "beachy" community adorned with adorable little beach cottages and little boutiques every where.

San Clemente is flip flops...Cape Cod is Sperry's. 

The weather was gorgeous and sunny, but it was super windy at the beach which made it a little chilly.
It didn't seem to phase our little "Cali girl".
She was pretty much in her element...sun, sand, and water.

If I had to describe Cape Cod in just one word, it would be quaint.

I jumped in the water for a brief moment....and that was it. lol.

This is the most epic photo ever.

Dannika and I went on "adventures", and we caught a "moon jellyfish"!

Mattis was also baptized into the Atlantic.
I know he looks freaked out in this pic, but he actually loved the water.
Every time we dipped his feet in it, he started splashing and kicking around and screaming in delight!

Chubby baby feet.

This is right after he decided to eat a handful of sand....

Daddy and his girl

Cause who doesn't go to "the Cape" without a big hat?

Family car selfie on the way back home!

And on our way TO the Cape...

The Bourne Bridge...
Just a bridge you drive over before getting there.

Adorable beach bungalow.

View off of the Bourne bridge.

 This is the view from our neighbor's house on the water.

For lunch, we went to the British Beer Company.
It's a small chain restaurant that is native to New England.
Although Nick and I don't really like chain restaurants, we chose to go here because of the amazing view of the ocean.

I had their Newcastle Ale Chili, and it did not disappoint.

View of the Cape.

For dinner, we went to a local restaurant in East Falmouth called "Oysters Too".

They had THE BEST lobster rolls I've ever had, hands down.
If you're not familiar with New England, the lobster roll is a "native food" to this part of the country.
I've tried several different lobster rolls while living here in New England, and this place had the best far at least.
Warren Tavern in Boston is a close second.

Nick enjoyed it too.

And in memory of SSgt Vincent Bell, we both had Coronas (his favorite beer).

"You can't sit with us."
Don't mind the chocolate all over D's face...

Hanging out on the deck while drinking pinot grigio from a dixie cup....vacation mode.

We went bowling one night too....and I sucked.
Apparently, bowling on XBox Kinects is a lot easier than bowling in real life....

We had SO MUCH fun, and we are already planning our next trip down there when Nick gets home in August after OCS!


  1. Looks like a GREAT weekend! The Cape is definitely a very relaxing atmosphere! And a beautiful getaway! {I just have to ask about the "EPIC" photo -- is Dannika knife-handing you?! LOL Totally what it looks like!}

  2. You've done it. In one post, you managed to make me sing "Let it Go" and "Red Solo Cup!" Glad y'all had a good weekend. It looked like a lot of fun!

  3. This looks awesome!! My husband grew up in Maine and loves everything about New England, especially the lobstaaaa rolls. Haha!!


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