Tuesday, May 20, 2014

CopyCatting Random Tuesday

I've seen a lot of people post today on random stuff, so I decided to do just that. 
Thanks Marcella (from Life After "Trust Me") for the idea.

A pastor at  church once told me that you should go to marriage counseling when things are good in your marriage. He said that if you go when things are bad, you're already behind the power curve. 
Nick and I have been in marriage counseling for several months now. 
We weathered a storm that hit our marriage a few months ago (due to military life), and we decided even though we were in a great place, we'd continue to go to counseling.
 It's amazing to watch our marriage grow healthier and stronger than it already is.
It's been an absolute blessing, and I can't say enough good things about our experience!

My son is ridiculously high maintenance and a cry baby.
Nick and I were EXTREMELY spoiled with Dannika.
She was an angel baby.
She hardly cried or fussed. She was always delightful.  
Mattis is a terror.
But man, he is cute.

Massachusetts has a state law that says you can't sell alcohol on Memorial Day.
 That is UnAmerican. Nuff said.

Dannika is the greatest big sister ever.
It's amazing how much help a 4 year old is when it comes to taking care of a baby.
"Dannika, run upstairs and grab Mattis a onesie!"
"Dannika, watch Mattis while mommy showers."
Seriously, when I only had Dannika with no help, when did I shower?!?!  
 Yup...she put him to sleep.

 I love a good cheesy pick up line. 
I actually find them endearing.
I love family "car selfies".

 Happy Tuesday, y'all.


  1. It's called second child syndrome and my youngest is now six and it hasn't gotten any better on my end. I hope you have better luck.

  2. Your Random Tuesday was WAY better.

    And dude, 7days and commissaries probably make the most alcohol sales on Memorial day. Just sad Massachusetts, just sad.

  3. I have the whiniest almost 4 year old ever. I swear I think it's a boy thing. My 2 girls NEVER acted like him :)

  4. I love how Dannika knows just what to do in your family car selfless!


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