Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day, friends!

Our family is attending church this morning, then I get to come home and eat a delicious brunch that my husband and Dannika will be cooking for me.
After that, I get to leave the house for the day (sans kiddos) and do whatever I want!
I'm thinking pedicure, Target, the mall.....

To be honest, my husband does a pretty good job of reminding me every day how appreciated I am by him, and he reminds me that I'm doing a good job.
Most days, I don't ever feel like I'm doing enough, and I am thankful that my husband and kids think that I am enough.
I think that's the biggest thing moms need nowadays...appreciation and least for me.

They say motherhood is oftentimes a thankless job.
I used to think that.
As a Marine, when I did something that exceeded expectations, I was rewarded.
I got medals and ribbons on my chest, I got fitness reports with good evals, I got plaques, I got promoted....
I have an "I love me" wall in my house adorned with all my accomplishments as a Marine.
I used to look at that wall and think that no matter what I did as a mom, there would be no medals and ribbons on my evaluations.
I remember crying and telling Nick how this was the most thankless job I've ever done.
He quickly snapped back at me and told me how thankful he was for me.

It was that moment that I realized that the "rewards" and "awards" I receive as a mom aren't tangible.
They're far more meaningful than a silly ribbon or medal...
The reward is raising my kids and watching them grow into decent adults and human beings.
It's watching my kids learn to love God and raising them in His image.

So to all my friends out there who are mothers, spiritual mothers, foster mothers, soon to be mothers, and trying to become mothers...

Happy Mother's Day!

My sister, my mama, and me!


  1. Such a great post. Life is all about the right perspective!
    Happy Mother's Day..hope it was a great one :)