Monday, June 30, 2014

Jogging Stroller Rules

Since Nick is gone so much, I do most of my running with both of my kids in my BOB revolution duallie jogging stroller.
(It is seriously the best jogging stroller ever...if you're looking into a good jogging stroller that will last you forever...I HIGHLY recommend it!)
It's not like I can really just kind of "go for a run" on my own when I feel like it, but finding someone to watch my kids while I go running is a hassle.
It's just easier to throw them in the stroller and take them with me.
Even when Nick is home, one of our favorite hobbies as a couple is to go running together.

Since I ALWAYS push the stroller when he's gone, he usually gets stuck pushing the stroller when we go out as a family.
He's a great sport about he should be!!!! lol.

So today on my run with the jogger, I encountered a few annoyances "obstacles" that I figured I'd address a couple on my Instagram page (@domesticatedcombatboots), and blog a little more in detail.

Just some tips to keep the peace on the sidewalk...

1) I don't care what kind of "vessel" you are on whether it be a skateboard, bicycle, or even a unicycle, a mother with a jogging stroller trumps you on the sidewalk....move out of the way!

2) If there are two people with jogging strollers running towards each other on the sidewalk, the person with the bigger stroller wins. For example, my Double BOB trumps your single jogger. Take your single jogger, pull over, and let me pass.

3) If we both have the same sized stroller, and are coming towards each other, it's survival of the fittest. I promise you, I'm not moving out of the way for you. In fact, I will casually ignore you and pretend I don't see you. In the chance that we run into each other, I'm going to politely tell you, "Oh, sorry! I was so in the zone in beast mode that I didn't see you! my bad!"...then proceed to truck on.

4) If you are behind me, and want to pass me (which is a rarity since I'm probably faster than you even with my 90lbs of stroller I'm pushing), just tap me on the stroller or yell "excuse me" really loud (since I'm normally wearing my headphones). There's nothing cool about being snuck up on and slightly shoved out of the way when you pass me, and having my stroller lose control off the pavement.

5) If you have a dog, I'm not moving out of the way for your pooch. Hold onto their leashes too, please. I don't appreciate some strange dog lunging towards my children while they sit helplessly in the jogging stroller. 

These are just a few rules to live by when it comes to sidewalk territory and mother runners. 
 Basically, a mother with a jogging stroller trumps you on the sidewalk (unless you're handicapped).
Let's keep the peace on the sidewalk.
No one likes an angry mother with children....that's a recipe for a death wish

Sunday, June 29, 2014

On To Week 5!

This week seemed to fly!
I think just having Emilee around the house to hang out with, talk to, and just have an extra set of hands has made a world of difference in our little lives!

We've spent some time just hanging out at the park....

Playing ball with Mattis...his favorite past time.

On Saturday, Lt Brown drove up from Connecticut to hang out with us for a day.

Although, Mattis ended up being a terror on our mini golf outing, Dannika had a blast playing with the girls.

I'm grateful for such good people in our lives!

Cause who doesn't like Sponge Bob ice cream on a hot summer day?

My "good morning" selfie that I sent to Nick this morning.
On days he has libo, and gets his phone, I try and make a bit of an effort on my outward appearance.
He sees me most days after he gets home from work in my "mom gear" which consists of work out clothes, pony tail, no make up, and the kitchen (you can laugh, but that's how I am).
So since we hardly see each other right now, I put my best face forward :)
Just reminding him that he's got a "smokin' hot" wife at

I've had such an awesome week just hanging out with the kids, doing as little as possible, and hanging out with Emilee.
We are going to be getting ready to go on a trip to Syracuse to visit my brother in law, sister, and niece soon, and we're all really excited.
I hope everyone had an awesome weekend, and got to be surrounded by awesome people like I did this week!


Thursday, June 26, 2014

And It Happened

My son is officially a 10 month old today!
He shares his 10 month birthday with the great Chesty Puller!
It's definitely a day to celebrate!

He does so many new "tricks" this month!

*You're an official "crawler" *
You prefer to do the motivated Marine Corps low crawl, but every once in a while you'll get up on all fours and take a few "crawls".
Another fun thing, you did you first crawls on all fours on FaceTime when daddy was watching!
You have perfect timing, my little babaloo!

*You pull up on EVERYTHING*
You pull yourself up on couches, chairs, stairs, people...anything and everything!

*You wave bye bye, hello, and you love to clap your hands together*

*You have the greatest squeal, and the greatest giggle, but you're definitely our "Mr. Serious"*
It takes you a while to warm up to strangers and show them that adorable gummy smile of yours.
During that "trial period", you always have the most serious look on your you mean business!

*You love love love the water whether it be a kiddie pool or the bathtub*
I was so worried you'd hate the water because the past few months, you used to hate bath time!
Thank God you grew out of that phase!

*Your sister is still your favorite person in the world!*
You can be in full meltdown mode, and as soon as you see her, you instantly cheer up.
When you see her face first thing in the morning, you're nothing but smiles!
(my tan children)

You've been a champ while daddy's been away.
You give your mama a run for her money some days, but most days, you make this job pretty easy.

I love you, Babaloo!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


It feels like Summer.
The temperatures are hot, Dannika is out of school, Summer activities have started, and life is about as peachy as it can get.
 Our "week 3" countdown treat was a trip to Sunshine Farm's ice cream stand in Sherborn, MA.
They have some of the best home made ice cream, and they have TONS of flavors.
It's always a special treat for us.
Dannika got their "moose tracks" flavor in honor of Nick (it's his favorite flavor there).

For the next two weeks, we have a house guest staying with us, and I've decided to call her my "temporary nanny".
Meet Emilee.
She's a senior at MIT, getting ready to go to her final OCS increment in July to become a Marine Officer.
I know her through the NROTC program in Boston through Nick.
When I found out she was planning on "couch surfing" for two weeks before she left for the summer, I offered her a room and a 4 year old roommate (Dannika).
I'm glad she came!
It's nice to have another adult around the house to talk to, and the kids love her.
And she brought Dannika this gigantic lollipop...
Definitely won her over.

We went on a play date yesterday at my friend Rachel's house.

These next 3 photos of Mattis' face are priceless...

Dannika felt like such a "cool kid" being the oldest one at her little brother's play date. 

Ball pit!
Seriously...this play date had everything.

Little man chowed down on some watermelon.

The day was exhausting.
She fell asleep while doing her "sketches" last night in her playroom.

And lastly...
Dannika's first official dance photos are in...
So cute!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Epic Weekend

I am coming off a high of one of the best weekends I've had since Nick left.
Nick got his first liberty period late yesterday afternoon, and I waited patiently all day to hear from him...

We haven't seen eachother's faces in 3 weeks, so I had to make sure I was looking hot for our FaceTime date.
I'm telling you's all about the little things in a marriage to keep things spicy.

We spent some time outside to kill time blowing bubbles...

Pure joy

And 1711 (5:11pm), my phone started playing "Sweet Home Alabama" (Nick's ring tone), and I think I about fell out of my chair to grab my phone when I heard it.
And, I got to see this handsome, smiling face.
Another cool thing that happened...
Mattis took his "first crawls" on all fours while Nick was on FaceTime!!!!
Timing is everything, folks.

Lastly, one of my best friends from the Marine Corps just happened to come here for a business trip, and she came a day early to come see me!!

The last time I saw her was on my 26th birthday when Nick was deployed, and Dannika was just about Mattis' age.

 And here she is with Mattis....
yes, he's huge compared to my little Dannika (above).

Dannika was OVER THE MOON having her over.

Kim is so amazing with kids, and she spent the afternoon doing math, writing, and reading with Dannika,
Oh, and just another bonus...
This hot chicka is also a TEXAS GIRL!

I look at this photo of all of us, and it makes me smile.
You see, back in the day, Kim and I used to cause havoc around southern California with our debauchery and
But we always made it to formation on time....
It's crazy to think that she is now a college grad with a "grown up" job (not that the Marine Corps wasn't a grown up job), but we've both matured.
And we have our priorities straight!

 This is our first photo of just the two of us where we are BOTH civilians!
Just two veterans...

We hadn't seen each other in nearly 5 years, but when she showed up at my house, it was like she never left.
It felt like that 5 year gap in our friendship never existed. 
We stayed up, drank wine, and just caught up.
This weekend made me realize that some of the greatest things in my life that came out of the Marine Corps are the friendships and bonds.
There are things that we talked about that my civilian friends wouldn't have understood.
We laughed about things that only two girls who spent their young adult lives in an organization full of men would understand.
It was great...

Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Mailman

Dannika's become great friends with our mailman.
He shows up at our house around 1230-1245 on the dot every day.
 The first thing she does every morning before we go to the gym is put our letters in the mailbox to send to Nick.

Right at 1225, we go outside to wait for him.
She literally sits by the mailbox with her little scooter, and patiently waits.
I tell her that it's ok to play, because we won't miss him (since we're sitting right out front), but she insists on waiting right by the mailbox.
She's picking dandelions, by the way...

And when he finally shows up, she yells to his face,
"Mr. Mailman! Mr. Mailman! I put some letters in the mailbox for my daddy in Virginia! I need you to make sure they get to him! Oh, I forgot to tell you that he's a Marine, and he's the best!"
She says those words every. single. time.
And it puts the biggest smile on our mailman's face, and he hands her our mail.
 I'm pretty sure she's the highlight of his daily route.

Just sitting in the garage waiting for the mailman...
I managed to get her in the picture for a quick "selfie" before she headed out to her post at the mailbox.

Last soccer practice of the season.

Sittin' and watching big sister run around!

And just because his facial expression in this photo is freaking priceless...

Today is seriously the longest day ever...
Well, besides the fact that it's the Summer Solstice (the longest day of the year), but today is also the day that Nick gets his cell phone back until tomorrow evening!
Yes, this means a Facetime date is on the schedule for this evening.
I've worn make up twice since Nick's been gone (to church), and I'll be wearing it today.
You know...just a friendly reminder to my husband, that he has a hot wife at home waiting for him!
My friend Kim is here today, and I already warned her that I had an important phone call that I was anticipating tonight....and like a good friend, she understands :)

Have a fabulous weekend, everyone!