Thursday, June 5, 2014


Not trying to toot my own horn here or anything, but I think I took some pretty decent school photos when I was a kid.
Judge for yourself...
 I believe the above is Pre-K and the below is Kindergarten.

I will admit that I also took some pretty bad school photos too...which is why I'm not posting them on my blog.
Most of my bad photos came during the awkward stage of my life.
I think ALL kids (regardless of how gorgeous your children are) go through a totally awkward phase.
I think kids between the ages of 9-14 are just that....awkward.
Of course I know some adults who never got out of the phase...bless your heart.

So Dannika took her first official school photo, and....
Totally awkward.
Her smile is totally forced...
And this, ladies and gents, is why I love school photos, and bad photography. 
Oh, and don't mind the tooth paste on the left corner of her dress that I could not get out for the life of me...
However, I will cherish and love this first school photo for as long as I live because I can still see her baby face in this photo.
But seriously...this girl takes photos like this...

I'm pretty sure I take better photos than these school photographers, and I am FAR from professional.

And just cause I'm a good sport, here's a photo of my sister and I from the Houston Livestock show and rodeo from my "awkward years"...
fanny pack and all.....


  1. Awww, no way - she is totally adorable <3

  2. She looks cute! But your pictures of her are definitely better.

    Just A Girl's Blog

  3. Aww I don't think she looks awkward! She's beautiful! Even if it is a forced smile!

  4. It's why I don't pay much for school photos. But I think she still looks adorable!!

  5. Haha, Natalie's school photos always come out weird too.

  6. I think she looks precious but will agree your shot of her looks much better!!!

  7. Oh my gosh, that boots pic is perfection.


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