Wednesday, June 25, 2014


It feels like Summer.
The temperatures are hot, Dannika is out of school, Summer activities have started, and life is about as peachy as it can get.
 Our "week 3" countdown treat was a trip to Sunshine Farm's ice cream stand in Sherborn, MA.
They have some of the best home made ice cream, and they have TONS of flavors.
It's always a special treat for us.
Dannika got their "moose tracks" flavor in honor of Nick (it's his favorite flavor there).

For the next two weeks, we have a house guest staying with us, and I've decided to call her my "temporary nanny".
Meet Emilee.
She's a senior at MIT, getting ready to go to her final OCS increment in July to become a Marine Officer.
I know her through the NROTC program in Boston through Nick.
When I found out she was planning on "couch surfing" for two weeks before she left for the summer, I offered her a room and a 4 year old roommate (Dannika).
I'm glad she came!
It's nice to have another adult around the house to talk to, and the kids love her.
And she brought Dannika this gigantic lollipop...
Definitely won her over.

We went on a play date yesterday at my friend Rachel's house.

These next 3 photos of Mattis' face are priceless...

Dannika felt like such a "cool kid" being the oldest one at her little brother's play date. 

Ball pit!
Seriously...this play date had everything.

Little man chowed down on some watermelon.

The day was exhausting.
She fell asleep while doing her "sketches" last night in her playroom.

And lastly...
Dannika's first official dance photos are in...
So cute!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far!


  1. We have a ton of local farm stands that make their own ice cream around here. They are the best.

  2. Yum, local ice cream! They have some of the best frozen custard places here down at the beach. I can't wait to get some soon! {And those faces on Mattis?! Priceless!!}

  3. Aww how fun! I bet it is nice having friends around to help the time go by faster!

  4. Love those faces om Mattis! So glad you have company to help out!

  5. That play date looks super fun! I love the pool photos
    Glad you have some company around. Adult interaction is so nice sometimes!
    LOVE that dance photo. She looks beautiful :)


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