Monday, June 16, 2014

Life Lately (And Lots of Pics)

We're finally in a groove.
We've adjusted to living life without Nick, once again, and we're doing just fine.
I just wish the weather were a little more "summery".
The weather's been nice, but it doesn't quite feel like June yet.
We have a busy few weeks coming up, and I'm hoping it'll make time creep a little faster than it already has been.
A good friend of mine from my old first enlistment Marine Corps days is coming up here for business trip, and is hanging out with me this weekend.

This is her and young and wild Corporals.

Next week, one of Nick's former midshipman turned PLC'er (if you're confused, just google it) is staying with us for about 2 weeks before she goes off to OCS this summer. 
I'm excited to have another adult around the house, and just have someone to have some decent conversation with that does not require talking about Frozen (or anything Disney for that matter), the importance of eating veggies, and why we don't use a whole roll of toilet paper to wipe our bums.
(story later)

The one good thing I get out of life without Nick is that I truly really learn to appreciate the little things about my kids.
I feel like when he's around, I'm so "laisse faire" about life, that I forget the little things.
Every time Nick has left, I scramble to make profound memories with my kids, and I often ask myself why I don't do this when he's around.
I guess when he's gone, I just want to "soften the blow" of his absence for my kids, and I try and do as much as possible to make their feelings of missing him a distant memory. 

Truth is, when he's around, he's the one that makes the most profound memories with our kids.
Nick is always in the mindset that he won't always be around, so when he is, he goes big.

Sometimes, I feel like I'm too hard on her, and that I am putting too much responsibility on goodness, she's only 4.
But then I look over and see this goofy girl wearing her swim goggles around the house, and I smile and remember that she's still a kid at heart...wild and free (but not too wild).

A few nights ago, after Mattis went to bed, we had a full blown dance party...just the girls...

Sunglasses, princess dresses, and semi loud country music on blast (Mattis was asleep, remember?)

Lots of park days.
I love swinging on the swings with Mattis in my lap while he squeals in excitement as he watches his big sister playing.
He is so eager to be out there with her, and he seems frustrated most of the time.
Soon, little guy...soon...but not too soon...

He refuses to sit...he just wants to stand...

Dannika was a little bummed out yesterday from all the hoopla surrounding Father's Day at church and at school last week.
But by grace, Nick had an opportunity to call and talk to her for an entire 2 minutes last night.
She was over the moon, and it was the perfect ending to our weekend.

And this guy...
He started doing the motivated Marine Corps low crawl right before Nick left...
But he is determined to walk, and spends most of his days pulling himself up on things (like this couch in this pic).

Our neighbors across the street have become such amazing friends, neighbors, and mentors to Nick and I.
They've always been there for me when Nick has been gone.
The other night, we walked across to their house to have a glass of wine, and Dan (in the pictures) spent a good two hours playing hide and seek, soccer, and broom ball with Dannika,
He let me just sit and enjoy my wine with his wife.

I call him Dannika's "pseudo dad" when Nick is away.
He is so great with her.

The kids spent the afternoon yesterday in the pool.
The sun was out, but the temps weren't ideal for swimming.
The water was cold, and my spunky 4 year old did not have a care in the world.
I kept asking if she was cold and wanted to go inside, and while shivering, she told me she was not cold, and wanted to play.

Little man just wanted to keep crawling out of his pool...

Hope everyone had a great weekend!
We're starting WEEK 3 of 10 today! Hooray!


  1. Love M's little teefers! ;)
    So glad you have people coming to help make the time go faster!

  2. Looks like you guys have been having a lot of fun lately, and really enjoying the beginning of summer! So glad you have some extra sets of hands coming to help out a bit soon, though!

  3. Girl time is so much fun!

    We do a lot of park time too.

  4. You are a rockstar mama!! I know how hard it is without them, but man you are keeping it together. Keeping them busy, and you busy. So awesome!

  5. You just have the cutest babies! I am so glad you can find the silver lining when he is gone and be such a rockstar for your kiddos!

  6. It looks like you are doing great on week 3 of 10. Dannika looks like such a ham and the baby, well, he might give you a run for your money! Escaping the kiddie pool already :) Adorable!


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