Sunday, June 29, 2014

On To Week 5!

This week seemed to fly!
I think just having Emilee around the house to hang out with, talk to, and just have an extra set of hands has made a world of difference in our little lives!

We've spent some time just hanging out at the park....

Playing ball with Mattis...his favorite past time.

On Saturday, Lt Brown drove up from Connecticut to hang out with us for a day.

Although, Mattis ended up being a terror on our mini golf outing, Dannika had a blast playing with the girls.

I'm grateful for such good people in our lives!

Cause who doesn't like Sponge Bob ice cream on a hot summer day?

My "good morning" selfie that I sent to Nick this morning.
On days he has libo, and gets his phone, I try and make a bit of an effort on my outward appearance.
He sees me most days after he gets home from work in my "mom gear" which consists of work out clothes, pony tail, no make up, and the kitchen (you can laugh, but that's how I am).
So since we hardly see each other right now, I put my best face forward :)
Just reminding him that he's got a "smokin' hot" wife at

I've had such an awesome week just hanging out with the kids, doing as little as possible, and hanging out with Emilee.
We are going to be getting ready to go on a trip to Syracuse to visit my brother in law, sister, and niece soon, and we're all really excited.
I hope everyone had an awesome weekend, and got to be surrounded by awesome people like I did this week!



  1. You look so pretty!!! You are doing so great mama! Five weeks down.. hope it is flying by for you!

  2. Nice picture you sent!

    Sounds like a fun time is being had over there.

  3. Glad your week went so well. Adult company and helping hands is ALWAYS a blessing!

  4. You are definitely a smokin' hot Mom, girl! Glad you've had an easier time the past week with extra hands around, and some adult conversation! I know how much of a savior that can feel like!


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