Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Mailman

Dannika's become great friends with our mailman.
He shows up at our house around 1230-1245 on the dot every day.
 The first thing she does every morning before we go to the gym is put our letters in the mailbox to send to Nick.

Right at 1225, we go outside to wait for him.
She literally sits by the mailbox with her little scooter, and patiently waits.
I tell her that it's ok to play, because we won't miss him (since we're sitting right out front), but she insists on waiting right by the mailbox.
She's picking dandelions, by the way...

And when he finally shows up, she yells to his face,
"Mr. Mailman! Mr. Mailman! I put some letters in the mailbox for my daddy in Virginia! I need you to make sure they get to him! Oh, I forgot to tell you that he's a Marine, and he's the best!"
She says those words every. single. time.
And it puts the biggest smile on our mailman's face, and he hands her our mail.
 I'm pretty sure she's the highlight of his daily route.

Just sitting in the garage waiting for the mailman...
I managed to get her in the picture for a quick "selfie" before she headed out to her post at the mailbox.

Last soccer practice of the season.

Sittin' and watching big sister run around!

And just because his facial expression in this photo is freaking priceless...

Today is seriously the longest day ever...
Well, besides the fact that it's the Summer Solstice (the longest day of the year), but today is also the day that Nick gets his cell phone back until tomorrow evening!
Yes, this means a Facetime date is on the schedule for this evening.
I've worn make up twice since Nick's been gone (to church), and I'll be wearing it today.
You know...just a friendly reminder to my husband, that he has a hot wife at home waiting for him!
My friend Kim is here today, and I already warned her that I had an important phone call that I was anticipating tonight....and like a good friend, she understands :)

Have a fabulous weekend, everyone!


  1. How sweet! I felt that way when I was waiting for baby shower packages. Always watching for the mailman. And I'm so glad you got to face time with your husband!

  2. What a precious story. I'm sure your right, she has to be the highlight of his route!


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