Thursday, July 24, 2014

2 More Weeks, Life, & Fitness

My day yesterday was...

Honestly, it hasn't been TOO terrible.
Mattis was having a meltdown for no reason at all (cause babies never need reasons for meltdowns sometimes), so I did what any good mom would do...take photos and post them on Instagram.
I had to preserve the memory of this adorable pouty face, even though at the time, I was wishing he'd just go to sleep and let me be.

A former Army wife (who's husband got out a few years ago) found out Nick had been gone all summer when we chatted at a birthday party this weekend.
She immediately asked if I had any help with the kids, and I told her, "no, but it's not too bad cause I'm used to it. I have pretty good kids."
She didn't care though.
She immediately volunteered herself to come pick up Dannika this week to take her off my hands.
So for the last two days, she's picked up Dannika, and has taken her to the lake to play for a few hours with her daughter.
There's just something different about military families...

On another note...
TWO weeks from today, we'll be reunited with this handsome face...
This was a photo a friend sent me from last weekend.
He's gotten SO SKINNY!
I seriously can't wait to bring him home, feed him some good home cooked meals (Texas Chili, anyone?!?), and love on him!!

The last two weeks always drags, but it also means I gotta step it up into high gear with my work outs!
I posted this pic on Instagram/Facebook last night of me...
The pic on the left is of me in 2010 after Nick returned home from Afghanistan (his first time), and the pic on the right is of me yesterday.
It's really hard to tell the difference, but in the left pic, I was just skinny.
I spent the 7 months he was deployed running, spinning, and doing non stop cardio to lose the rest of my baby weight that I gained with Dannika.
In the right pic, I look/feel stronger, more toned, and more defined.
I've always been the "cardio queen", and I stayed away from weights as much as possible for fear of getting "big".
This past year since I had Mattis, I was desperate to add some new stuff to my regular run/spin routine, and I slowly started incorporating little weights here and there to my regimen.
I started with kettlebells, resistance bands, and light dumb bells.
Since May, I've gone full blown into weights on top of doing my normal cardio routine, and I can't believe how much better I feel, and how much leaner my body is.
I actually weight more now than I did in the pic on the left, but wear the same size clothes...actually, my shorts and jeans from 2010 are starting to even feel a little loose.
This is of course on top of a healthy diet.
I've always been a healthy eater, and lucky me, I don't have a sweet tooth.
My weakness is pinot grigio and Tito's vodka, but those are my only two "cheats" when it comes to my diet.

The next two weeks, I'm just focusing on toning more to look hot for my honey, of course! lol.
I know he could care less either way, but there's something about not seeing each other for 10 weeks that makes me want to surprise him, and make his jaw drop :).


  1. You are awesome and I wish I had your motivation!

  2. Oh that cute adorable face! I'm so happy that you will have your family back together again. Which will be about the same time I am saying goodbye to my husband. So I'll be in your shoes and hopefully running shoes cause I need to get this booty in shape :)

  3. You look fantastic!

    And thank you for your kind comment on my blog. I could never do stand up as I'm wayyy too shy. I'd freeze up!


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