Friday, July 25, 2014

Boston Bucket List

With Nick graduating in less than 2 weeks now, it's starting to really sink in that we are moving soon.
When Nick found out he was coming here, he was in Afghanistan.
I was the one who broke the news to him from my work via my work phone.
I was fortunate enough at the time to be active duty, and my work had a government line I could use to call Nick in Afghanistan...just a small perk of being a dual active duty couple.
I remember his reaction...

"Boston?! What?? No....I didn't even put that as one of my choices! Besides, I'm in Afghanistan, I can't go anyway. They wouldn't send me home early from combat for these orders."

Oh, but they did.
They pulled him away from his unit in the middle of combat operations, so that he could come here to Boston.

Early homecoming photos....

I cringed thinking about it.
How the heck would we be together?!?
Short answer:
We weren't together. We spent nearly a year on separate coasts until I discharged from the Corps.
It sucked.

When I finally got here, we had all these grand plans to make the most of our time in Boston.
We would never get a chance to live here again, so why not make the best of it?!

But then...
We moved here to this...

Talk about depressing.

When all this crazy snow finally ended, we were still recovering from the "winter blues", and before you knew it, Nick was gone for the Summer.
Our family spent so much time being negative about living here, that our "Boston bucket list" never got a single check mark placed in it.

So now that we have just a few short months left here, Nick and I made a pact to do all things "touristy" in Boston before we left.
We had already started checking things off our list starting with our weekend getaway to the Cape.

So here's our Boston Bucket List.
I figured if I blogged about it, I'll be held more accountable to it...
I also know there are TONS of other places to check out in Boston, but we're limited on time!

1. Take a trip to Cape Code
2. Have an authentic "lobstah roll"
(I had one at Warren Tavern in Boston and one at Oysters Too at the Cape...hands down the best lobster rolls i've ever had.
3. Sam Adams brewery tour
4. Boston Duck tour
5. Freedom Trail
6. USS Constitution
7. Spend a day at Quincy market
8. visit Harvard and MIT
9. Go running on the esplanade
10. Have a dinner date night in the South End
11. Dinner cruise on the "ha-bah"
(yes, I'm making fun of your accent Bostonians...)

That's our list!
I'm sure there are a million other places that y'all Bostonians would recommend, but this is really all we want to do!

I'll keep y'all updated on how we do as far as checking things off our list before we leave here!

I did an easy 6 mile run yesterday at an 8:24 pace.
I'm pretty excited to time myself when Nick gets back to see how fast I am without pushing the jogging stroller!
I'm confident I can run a 20 minute PFT (3 miles), and keep a 7:50-8:10 pace for a 7-8 miler!

Indoor playgrounds are my friend cause this little guy can't walk yet.
I can just let him freely crawl around everywhere without having to worry about much!

I've been losing my patience a lot with this girl.
She turned 5, and this whole plethora of attitude and sass came with it.
I'm learning to be more patient and understanding...


  1. Oooh man, some days I really truly miss Boston! Quincy Market is one of my favorite spots -- and the Duck tours are fun, as are the trolley tours. My goal is to one day get back there and walk the entire 13 miles of the Freedom trail. It WILL be done!

  2. You can do the duck tour, quincy market and freedom trail all in one day. There is not nearly enough to do for an entire day at quincy market - 2 hours tops.

  3. Man you are so fast!! Get it, mama! Sounds like you guys have a ton of fun things planned in Boston!!

  4. You go girl! You should definitely check out the instagram of my friend cassie that I linked in the blog today. Yall could definitely be fit Momma buddies!

  5. Love your list. We have a georgia to do list too. So fun.

  6. I've been to Boston once quite a few years ago (I was like, 13 or 14 years old). My family and I went on the Boston Duck Tour and it's tons of fun! The fact that you're in a car that doubles as a boat is pretty impressive haha. I'm sure your little ones will love it!

    Sunflowers & Love

  7. Never been to Boston but we did do one of the Duck Tours in Georgia. It was a great time, the kids loved it!

  8. Have y'all been up to Kittery, Maine, yet? There's tons os lighthouses and mountains mixed with ocean; it's beautiful!

  9. oh boy, i hope you get that bucket list done. isn't that crazy how you can live somewhere and never see the touristy things? Its crazy. I'm glad you are getting stuff checked out.


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