Wednesday, July 30, 2014

My Life In Bullets

I haven't had much to blog about lately, because honestly, I'm just slooowly counting down the days until next week when we get to see Nick.
I've been trying my hardest to fill the days with meaningful activities to keep to kids busy, and to help time pass.
I've failed at that.
Monday and Tuesday were the longest days of my life, and I woke up this morning saying to myself, "It's ONLY Wednesday?!"
So here's just a couple bullets on life this week.

*I had a toothache, so I went to the dentist. I found out a root canal I had done by Naval dental is failing, and it looks like the tooth may have to be extracted. Thank God it's my 2nd molars, and no one really needs those anyways.

*I knew having a little boy around the house would be so much more different than having a girl, but it's proving to be much more challenging than I imagined. Mattis is an explorer. He wants to touch, feel, and look at EVERYTHING. My house is not baby proofed...yeah...I need to get on that.
Here he is watching his big sister play outside.
He desperately wants to be able to run around with her...poor guy.

*I get so lazy with doing Dannika's hair in the summer. Most of the time, I comb it, and stick a head band in it. I actually decided to do something with it yesterday.

*I am weaning Mattis off the boob, and hope to be totally done by his 1st birthday. Mama needs her body back to herself. I am actually pretty freaking proud of myself that I lasted a year breastfeeding. I only lasted a month with Dannika. We are down to one feeding in the morning, and one feeding at night. When we cut out the day time feeding, he was one unhappy little dude. He started sucking on anything and everything that resembled a boob....poor kid. He's fine now though, and I don't think he even remembers that he used to get the boob during the day.
He was like this for the first two days...

*I was starting to feel a little sluggish with my work outs at the gym lately. I think I'm so mentally ready for Nick to come home that I can't really focus on anything else. But I can proudly say, I have not missed a day, and on Sunday, when it rained, I didn't let it stop me! I usually run on Sundays, but since it was raining, I did at HIIT work out in the living room, and I am still sore today.
Car selfie before the gym!

So there y'all have it!
Maybe something awesome will happen this week that I can blog about.
But unless that happens, this is what ya get!
Happy hump day!


  1. Oh my goodness, his face! Haha that's an adorable picture. I'm terrified of the dentist I would be freaking out if I was you. haha.

    Sunflowers & Love

  2. Over halfway through the week! I am doing the midweek happy dance over there. Hopefully the next few will fly and you'll be reunited before you know it! :)

  3. Yay -- its almost the end of the countdown! The last week or so before someone comes home always seems to drag, doesn't it?! Ugh.

    As for Mattis -- ha ha poor buddy. London looked like that a lot when I weaned him, too. Sadly, I don't know that he'll forget about boobs, totally! London hasn't nursed in well over a year ... and still tries to dive down my shirt screaming "Ninnies!" {nipples} any chance he can get. Embarrassing when its in public, that's for sure! Just something about boys -- because my daughter never did that {and she was almost 2 before I weaned her!}

  4. Still so much going on. Boys are so much different than girls, just wait till he is a big bad three year old and your living room is his obstacle course! Boys are out of their minds with energy. Avalon is so chill compared to the boys at her age! ha! But hang in there mama, you are almost done!

  5. Oh no! I hope you get the dental work figured out. I can't believe a dentist could do a root canal and it 'not work'. Good job on the work out dedication ;)

  6. Dental work is the worst- bless your heart!
    That face in that picture cracked me up. He was definitely NOT happy


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