Thursday, July 17, 2014

Oh, Good Morning!

To the mosquito who decided I was a delicious snack for you ALL NIGHT LONG...
You are the reason why I've been up since 3am.

I am a freaking mosquito magnet.
No need for citronella candles if you're ever gonna hang out with me outside, folks!
My body's got ya covered because all the mosquitoes will be eating off of me, and you can enjoy your evening.
Mosquitoes love me so much, in fact, that they used to bite me THROUGH my cammies.
If you've ever felt the material of the Marine Corps utility uniform, it's pretty thick.
But apparently, I'm so freaking delicious to these blood sucking nasties that they manage to get their little fangs through cammies to eat me. 

After trying desperately to fall back asleep, the dang mosquito that has been in my bedroom all night kept buzzing around and literally drove me insane.
Not to mention the fact that I was itching all my fresh bites that are now all over my body.
I counted the ones I could, and I have a grand total of 13 mosquito bites...all on the left side of my body since I usually sleep on my right side.

There is no reason for this blog post.
I just needed something to do while I wait for the kids to wake up, and I needed someone to complain to about my miserable evening.

Have a great day, y'all!
I'll be sitting here scratching away at these horrible mosquito bites!

I hope this little guy's in a good mood today!


  1. Ugh ... thats the one thing I hate about hanging around outside this time of year. Mosquitos! I just bought the kids and I some of those bug repellant bracelets and so far they are working great!

  2. Ahhhh! I hate mosquitos! I am always covered in bites. They buy through our jeans up here! These things are like prehistoric vultures! I hate them.

  3. Mosquitos bug me a lot too. I hate it.

  4. mosquito's are the WORST!!!!!! So flipping annoying! Lili man is getting so big! Such a cutie!!!!

  5. Mosquito's are annoyed you must be
    Hope little man woke up in a good mood, if not you all might have had a long day!

  6. I hope you found him and killed him!


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