Saturday, July 12, 2014

She's 5...

And the little girl who made me a mother turns 5 today...
I feel like 5 is a milestone birthday.
It's halfway to 10, and it's typically the age when children start Kindergarten...AKA..."real school".
It's hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that I have a 5 year old running around the house.
In the same amount of time she's been alive, she'll be 10....
What happened to these last 5 years?!
Where did they go?!

I know for most of you who read my blog, you probably don't care to read my sweet letter to my daughter, and I won't be offended if you scroll down to just see the pictures.
It's important to me though to write my thoughts out so that when she's old enough to read, she can come back to my blog, and see exactly what I was thinking at that moment.

My Dear sweet Dannika Jane...
You're a warrior princess with a soft and sensitive heart.
You have a love for Jesus that I am jealous of sometimes.
You are never ashamed of it either, and you are constantly "preachin' it" to your friends on the playground...
It makes me proud that you are so unashamed of your Creator.
You're my "little disciple".
You're compassionate beyond your years.
I've never seen a child your age so selflessly give to others, and you teach your father and I every day what true compassion is.
You're the one that will make friends with the kid that none of the other kids want to play with.
You're the one that always puts what you want to "play" aside so your friends can be happy playing whatever they please.
I was worried that you were a pushover and a follower, but I realized that you are the exact opposite.
You teach others what it means to compromise, and without even knowing it, you're a leader
Your friendliness is overwhelming.
You give a big warm "hello" with that beautiful smile beaming on your face to anyone who will listen.
You wear your delicate heart on your sleeve, just like your mama.
Your feelings get hurt easily, and when someone else is hurting, you hurt with them.
In the last 5 years that I have been your mother, you've taught me about patience more than anything.
You've given me a reason to "man up", and face trails and tribulations head on.
You've been my sidekick through many months, weeks, and days alone.
You've cured many lonely nights for me.
I can't imagine what amazing plans that God has destined for your future.
I know He's going to use you in so many amazing ways.
I already see glimpses in your life of God working within you.
You tirelessly pray for your friends who don't love Jesus...something that I don't even do.
You teach me lessons about being a woman of God every day.

You've given me some of the best memories in the last 5 years.
I thank God for picking me to be your mom, and I hope I'm doing an OK job raising you!
Lord knows I am FAR from perfect, but I can honestly say that I perfectly love you.

Happy 5th Birthday to my little Marine Corps Princess!


  1. Awww that letter was so beautiful! She sounds like an exceptional little girl :) Happy birthday to your gorgeous daughter!!

  2. What a doll! Happy BIrthday Dannika!

  3. Happy Birthday sweet girl!!!!

  4. So sweet! Love this! Happy Birthday little lady!!


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