Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Who Wants To Give Me Advice?

 We recently found out that we could be PCS'ing as soon as October, and as excited as I was to be leaving Massachusetts before the dreaded winter, slight panic started to set in.
PCS'ing is never easy on a military family, but when you throw in kids into the whole mess, it becomes a whole different beast.
PCS'ing was SO much easier when Dannika wasn't in school.
She was in day care, but she was too young to really understand goodbyes and moving.
She was just happy to be moving somewhere new to be with daddy again after being apart for a year.
This has been our first duty station where Dannika will probably actually remember living at later on in life.
She's formed close friendships, bonds, and has a familiarity with this place than anywhere else she's been.
It's become "home" to her more than it has to Nick and I.
She's registered for Kindergarten in the Fall, and I'm terrified for her to start school, just to pull her out to move a month and a half later.
To be honest, we don't even know what part of College Station we'll be moving to, so we have no idea what school she'll be at when we get down there!

Another thing I realized is that we'll probably be in Texas for about 3 years (at the most), and Dannika will yet again be pulled out of school (she'll be in 2nd grade) to move to Virginia for 6 months while Nick attends The Basic School (TBS).
Then after he completes TBS, we'll be headed to Lord knows where for his MOS school for just a few short months.
It won't be until after MOS school that we will get orders to an actual permanent duty station, and even then, we won't be there THAT long.

I keep wondering how all this moving is going to affect our children's education, and most importantly emotionally and psychologically.

I've had people tell me to stay in Texas by ourselves until Nick is completely done with training and gets settled in at a duty station.
This is absolutely something that I refuse to do.
I've always told Nick that I'd follow him anywhere and everywhere the Corps sends us.
We are a family, and we stick together.
We are constantly forced apart by the Marine Corps, and there is no way that I could justify not sticking by him when the military allows us to go somewhere with him.
It's unfair to our children to be away from their father, and it's unfair to Nick to force him to go through Marine Corps life alone without his support network...us.

This has been weighing so heavily on my heart lately.
Any advice, thoughts, and/or prayers would be really appreciated!

 And because I have a thing about having photos up on every blog post...

This chicka started dance camp this week!
It's 6 glorious hours a day where I only have to be responsible for one child!
 We went to go pick up big sister yesterday, and this little guy was SO happy to see her and be surrounded by all the pretty girls!

As our Week 6 of our countdown treat, Dannika requested we go to Chuck E. Cheese.
Y'all know I hate Chuck E. Cheese, but seeing her smile and have so much fun was worth it.
 Yes, that is a look of worry on Mattis' face.


  1. I am right there with you! I think about these things all the time. We have a lot of moving ahead of us in the next couple years. We will be leaving here after Ace starts kindergarten, and only living somewhere new for five months before we move again. I have always been the type to go with Chris. Granted we never had kids in schools, so it has thrown me for a loop. I have no advice, so if you get some good stuff, or come up with a plan.....pass it along :)

  2. Because there would be a couple moves in a close time frame, especially to VA and then wherever after, have you considered keeping her active in sports/dance/etc for socialization, but possibly homeschooling her until you get somewhere a little more permanent? In my opinion, one of the best parts about the Marine Corps having so few bases is that there is potential to be at the same base for multiple enlistments instead of moving around as often as some other branches - so at that point, you could put her back in public school if you wanted!

  3. Yup, moving is never easy. I moved many times throughout my life and it was hard to have to make new friends. But it turned out okay.

    My kids love Chuck E Cheese too.

  4. Have you thought of boarding school? Stability of school life - same teachers/friends etc and she'll get to come home during school holidays.

    1. What?! That's absurd!!! No! Lol. 1) it's expensive and we're a military family so it's definitely unaffordable and 2) the point is the jeep out family together as much as possible!!!!

  5. I have no advice as we have not gone through this yet. Honestly though, I have a feeling it will definitely be more of a problem for you, than her. Sure it will be difficult. But kids are great at adapting. Especially military children. Plus she will have friends all over the nation.. I wouldn't worry too much mama!

  6. I can't imagine the worry that comes with this. We are not a military family so I have no clue what that lifestyle entails but I do believe that I would feel the same with you in wanting to keep my family together. Someone made a descent suggestion above about homeschool. I might look at that as an option. While I have no profound advice, I will send my thoughts and prayers your way.

  7. I was really worried about C in our last move since he was 4 and definitely had friends and 'roots' in Monterey, but he did fine moving here. And then went to pre-k at one school and will start K at another (and we move again after 1st). He hasnt even blinked an eye about it which is awesome. I also don't know if this an an option for you all, but we chose to send him to Catholic school (we are both practicing Catholics) since they are pretty much the same across the country. They have very strong military communities because of the consistency throughout the nation and smaller environment, we are hoping that it helps with his transitions in the early years. We might not be able to afford it all the way through, but it was definitely the best choice for now.

    Yall will figure it out and knowing Dannika she will smile right through it! Kudos for you for keeping the family together- we would do the same thing!


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