Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Boston's Famous Quincy Market

Remember how I told y'all that we have lived here in New England for almost 2 years now, and we haven't done ANYTHING in regards to exploring Boston?
Since it's coming down to our last two months here in Massachusetts before we PCS to God's country (you know...Texas, of course), we've made it our mission to make sure we hit some key points before leaving this part of the country.
The chances of us ever coming back are zero....well at least by never know with the Marine Corps...
So this week, we've been making the drive down to Boston to do some "touristy" stuff.
On Monday, we headed down to the world famous Quincy Market in Boston...also know as Faneuil Hall.
It's a "super touristy" area, and we learned very quickly that the majority of the people we saw wandering around that area were not locals.
For those familiar with the Boston area know how HORRIBLE and EXPENSIVE parking is in the city.
Lucky for us, Nick works at Boston University, so we used his faculty parking to park there, and we took the "T" (the nation's first subway system) to get to Quincy market.
I hate the "T", and I avoid it at all costs. 
This was actually my second time ever on the "T".

Here we are "faking" our happy faces on the stinky and crowded "T" full of rude people.

 For real though...the "T" smells like public bathroom, and people are just rude on the "T".

We got off at Copley Square, and had to walk a few blocks to get to Quincy market.
This is Dannika and Nick in front of the State House (that thing with the gold dome thingy on top).

We also walked on part of the famous Boston Freedom Trail to get there.
It's a 2.5 mile red brick trail that goes to 16 significant historical sites in Boston.
You can google it and read more about it if you're super interested.

The King's Chapel Burying ground on the Freedom trail.
*Fun Fact: there are over 3500 bodies buried on this tiny plot of land. No caskets were used, and bodies were buried on top of each other. The only people that got headstones were people who had money. John Hancock and his family are buried here!

Once we got to Quincy Market, we stopped at a little seafood restaurant there called "The Salty Dog".

I had the "Paul Revere sandwich" and a mug of clam "chowdah" (that's how the locals say it).
The sandwich is roast beef, cream cheese, horseradish, lettuce, and was divine.
The clam chowder was 'eh'...we've definitely had better chowder here in Boston.

Nick had a lobster roll.
If there's one thing our family has taken advantage of while living here is eating a lobster roll every chance we get.
So far, the best lobster roll we've ever had was at a restaurant called "Oysters Too" down at Cape Cod, and the second best was the one we had at Warren Tavern in Boston (part of the Freedom Trail).

After lunch, we just walked around Quincy market and checked out all the shops.

We stopped and had some fried dough....

 A bar...

We caught a street performer while we were there.
An escape artist by the name of Jason Escape.
He suspended himself 20 ft in the air (upside down) with a straight jacket, rope, and chains (padlocked to him), and managed to wriggle himself out!

It was very cool, and he's a pretty funny guy which made the show just that much more entertaining.

And they had balloon artists...
Which Dannika insisted she HAD TO HAVE....

Ten bucks later...this is what we got.
Was it worth 10 bucks?!
Hayll no....
But when in Rome.....

On our way home, we walked by the Boston common.
It's one of the oldest parks in the United States.
It sorta reminded me of a small version of NYC's Central Park.

 We ended up having a great day at Quincy Market.
It felt great to check that off our "Boston Bucket List".

I'll write about our "Duck Tour" experience tomorrow!!


  1. I enjoyed keeping up with y'all's Quincy Market visit on Instagram. Wow - that's astonishing that so many people were buried on that small plot of land. I am a huge history buff. I'm hoping we can get out to Boston for a weekend trip while we're on the east coast.

  2. Ugh ... WHY did I think Freedom trail was 13 miles?! Quincy is definitely one of those memorable stops in Boston, though -- even more memorable depending on the colorful characters you find when you are there!

    1. There's a freedom trail half marathon they do every year! Maybe that's why?

  3. Looks like a neat place. Interested to see what you thought about the duck tours. We did one in GA and loved it ;


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