Sunday, August 17, 2014

Guess Who's 31?!

One of the coolest guys I know turns 31 today!
Who, you ask?!?!
 These were taken on the first birthday we spent as a married couple (6 years ago!).

To celebrate your amazing day, here's 31 reasons why I think you're awesome!

1. You make pancakes from scratch EVERY Saturday that you're home.

2. You denounced your allegiance to Alabama to become a FIGHTIN' TEXAS AGGIE!!!! WHOOP!

3. You can work on and fix your own car. Men that can do this are rare these days. That is sexy.

4. You are totally comfortable in your manhood to put on a tiara and have "princess time" with our daughter.

5. You tell me things like, "your worst days are other women's best days." (swoon!)

6.  You let me put my always cold feet on your warm body when we get under the covers.

7. You can two step.

8. Two words. Date Nights.

9. You now officially "smoke check" me on a run (and that's ok!). I'm a proud wife!

10. Speaking of running...I love that we share a love of running TOGETHER. #fitcouple (yes, I just hashtagged my blog...sue me).

11. According to Dannika, you're awesome because you "save everyone and does lots of work."

12. She also says you're awesome because "you always do what the Marine Corps says you need to do."....instant obedience to orders?? lol. #childofaformerDI

13. I'm pretty sure you make every uniform in the Marine Corps look damn good.
 14. What am I kidding? You're just hot period.

 15. You hunt....with a bow. Doesn't get more legit.

16. I've never had to shovel snow (on purpose at least) since living here in this frozen tundra.

17. When you're home, you're ALWAYS taking the kids so that I can have "me" right now, while I am writing this blog for you.

18. My battlemug :)

19. You always agree to my ridiculous and over the top ideas (like the insane birthday parties I've thrown for Dannika).

20. When I freak out, you stay calm and keep me balanced.
21. You're moving our family to TEXAS! FOR ME!!!

22. You'll sit through my ridiculous reality shows with me cause you know it makes me happy to be with you.

23. You take diaper duty like a champ!

24. Grill master.

25. Those 10 minutes before you go to work when you take the time to sit and have coffee with me (at 4am sometimes!)

26. Your witty sense of humor (that people who don't know you outside of work don't realize exists).

27. Your sweet dance moves. OK, your dance moves need some work, but I love your goofy dance moves.

28. Your drill foot...I love watching you drill. You make it look so effortless.

29. You never miss a day to remind me you love me (except that time you were at OCS or deployed, and didn't have access to communication...)

30. You ALWAYS put yourself last in our family. You'd rather sacrifice than let anyone else go without, and I can't admire that enough about you!

31. You love God and prayerfully lead our family...and THAT IS what makes you the most awesome above all else!

Happy 31st Birthday to the coolest guy I know!!!!!!!

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  1. Happy Birthday to your Man!
    My Man works on his own cars too, I love it!
    Hope he has had a wonderful day


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