Saturday, August 16, 2014

Let's Run

For the most part, I keep my run days down to 2-3 days a week at most.
My body can't physically handle anything more than that.
I started working on strengthening my quads and hamstrings at the gym.
(Don't skip leg day at the gym, ladies and gents!)
During physical therapy when I was active duty, we worked a lot on strengthening muscles in my legs in order for my muscles to start compensating more for the constant pounding on the pavement that my joints take.
Osteoarthritis is a 4 letter word in my world...pair that with no cartilage and a torn MCL/PCL...that makes for a very painful run without proper shoes, knee support, stretching, and rest in between runs.

I took a good 2 weeks off from running, and have focused more on weight training at the gym (you need to lift, ladies!!! It burns more calories, and your body won't be just "skinny fat" like most runners are).
I went on my first run today...WITHOUT A DOUBLE JOGGER TO PUSH!!!!
First of all...
I forgot how important it is to let your body rest and recuperate (TAKE SOME TIME OFF!).
When I hit the pavement today, I felt like I was running on clouds (probably cause I wasn't pushing 100lbs of stroller and children).
My legs felt great, and I probably could have ran further and faster....but I was anticipating my husband's famous Saturday morning pancakes for breakfast, so my run was cut short.
My goal is to get my pace down to a consistent 6:30 pace for 6-7 miles by December.
I've ALWAYS been a faster runner than my husband (averaging 20 minute PFT's while he averaged 21-22 minute PFT's), but he came back from his "little summer" at OCS, and came home running an 18:40!
So now I feel like I need to "get on his level".
I guess all those times I yelled at him to "get on MY level" came and bit me in the butt since he can smoke check me now on a run.

Our family's weekend's been great so far!
 The weather was gorgeous yesterday, so we spent the day cruising around in Nick's Chevelle.

We stopped by Ben & Jerry's to get Nick an ice cream cake for his birthday party tonight!

We went to the park and put Dannika on the bike trail on her bike with NO training wheels!

Mattis loves the park too...

I love watching Nick play with the kids, and just enjoy the day with them.
It's my favorite thing in the world!

We are throwing a little  party at our house tonight for Nick's 31st birthday (tomorrow)!!
I hope everyone's having an awesome weekend!!


  1. You are FAST, girl! I haven't been able to run times like that since high school cross country... not even close! Look at you go! I'm sure you'll be faster than your hubby again in no time! :)

  2. Happy Birthday, Nick! And if it makes you feel better, you can DEFINITELY smoke me in a run, while your husband races ahead to whip up some pancakes! ;) Ha!

  3. Wow! You and your husband kick some butt! Your kids are so cute!

  4. You are SO fast, holy moly!! Glad you're having a good weekend together! :)


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