Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Life as 4 Again

It still feels so weird having Nick back home and into our lives again.
I just want to soak him all in and just enjoy time together as a family before I get back into the daily grind of day to day living.
Lucky for me us that Nick's replacement has already checked in, and has taken over Nick's office!
That means that when his 2 weeks of leave is over, he'll just be going in to do a quick turnover, and be home early most days.
It's a nice break.

Just a FEW things I've been enjoying since having my other half home...
*Not changing diapers. 
Seriously, I've changed like one diaper since Nick's been home.

*Going to the gym alone without bringing both kids along and dropping them off at daycare.
I pay more for gym childcare than I do my gym membership.
It's nice to go without the kids.

*Sleeping in till 7
Ok...so Mattis hasn't slept past 430 since Nick left.
OF COURSE, the minute he gets home, my sweet baby boy is no longer the heathen that he normally is as 4am.
He has been soundly sleeping till 7....UH...WTH?!?!
Now Nick doesn't believe me that I've been seriously sleep deprived since he's been gone!!!!

*Cooking family meals
I love to cook, but I don't cook when I don't have another adult to cook for.

*Not taking Mattis in and out of his carseat
This is such a chore, isn't it?
I love that I just pass the baby off to Nick, and he buckles him in while I just go sit in the car and wait.

So life's been pretty peachy since having Nick home.
The kids seem genuinely happier.
I'm definitely happier.
I am smiling more.
It's amazing how much life just one person can bring back into a home.

Before church on Sunday...

This is a giant zucchini that came out of my neighbor's garden.
It's the size of a small child.

Our neighbors invited us over for a small welcome home bbq for Nick.
Mattis had his first s'more, and Nick had like 10....ok like 4...

I love being able to sit back, relax, and just watch my kids torture play with Nick.

I'm thankful these last 10 weeks are over, and even more thankful for our future!


  1. I'm so glad he's back.

    And yum, s'mores. I love those things too.

    1. I am also very glad he is back and you guys are enjoying all of your time together!

  2. It has to be so great to have him home!! Soak it all in!

  3. So happy that things are back to family normal for you guys! Hopefully you'll find you quite soon when you get to head back to the south!


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