Thursday, August 14, 2014

Life With Dad

We had all these "grand plans" for when Nick got home.
We were going to explore Boston, go to the park every day, check out museums....
Honestly, we've really just enjoyed hanging out at home, relaxing, and lounging around.
Nick has been going to the gym with me every morning.
He messed up his wrist at OCS, so he can't really do too much.
I needed a new weight lifting routine, so he's been working me out, and I have been SLAYED!!!
As for the rest of the day, we just hang out around the house.

Nick worked on his car today while I spent "me" time alone in the house.
Both kids were outside most of the day with him, and I didn't have to worry about them.

They love being out in the Chevelle.
I can only pray that when they are older, they will have a love for the Chevelle that Nick does.
I actually dream of Dannika and Mattis saying something like...
"I love old cars. My dad loves old cars, and taught me everything I know about them when I was a kid. I have fond memories of spending hours outside with him while he worked on his 72 Chevelle."
I think about things like that all the time...

One of Dannika's favorite things to do is wash his car with him
She's actually been begging him for the last two days if they can wash his car...

Dannika is officially a "no training wheel" riding kid.
The crazy part?
She did it on her first try with NO help...
What's our secret?!?
the balance it.
It's amazing.
We turned Dannika's first bike into a balance bike and she's been riding it all summer.
It's basically a bike with no pedals, and kids scoot on it and learn to balance on it.
We put her on her bike with pedals tonight without training wheels and she just took off!!
She already had the "balancing" part down due to her summer of practice on her balance bike.
90% of the battle when learning to ride a bike without training wheels is learning to balance on it, and the balance bike trains your kids to work on their core muscles and equilibrium.
It's amazing.

So life with "daddy" home is pretty awesome...relaxing...
It's nice to be us again...

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  1. I am so glad you guys are enjoying time at home. You definitely deserve it. And go Dannika!!


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