Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Mattis is 1!

People say it ALL. THE. TIME. 
But when and how did this year fly by so fast?! 
I literally remember this morning exactly one year ago today.
I had a light breakfast, and was headed to Newton Wellesley Hospital to be induced.
I kissed my first born one last time knowing that the next time we'd all be under this roof, she would no longer be an only child.
I had so many emotions wondering if Dannika would feel abandoned while I left her at home with my mom while we brought Mattis into the world.
I was nervous that I wouldn't love this child as much as Dannika.
So. many. emotions.
So. many. thoughts.

And at 1637 (437pm for you non military types), none of those thoughts or emotions mattered.

And all those fears I had of not being able to love another child as much and Dannika feeling abandoned vanished at that moment.
They say when you have children 4-5 years apart or more, it's like raising "two only childs", but I don't believe that for a second.
These two do EVERYTHING together, and the bond that these two have with each other is unbreakable.
I learned that God makes room in your heart when you feel that there's no way you could possibly add another human being to love.

So Mattis Mark Vincent Romer...
You are crazy.
You scream like a banshee.
You are always filthy.
You like to throw your food and make a mess everywhere.
It takes an act of God to get a family photo with you smiling in it.
We call you our "grumpy cat" because we're constantly telling people, "he's not upset, it's just his face." lol.

But honestly, we wouldn't have it any other way.

When you squeal and giggle, you can hear it a mile away.
It's a cheerful noise that can make anyone smile...probably even the "grumpy cat".
You give THE BEST open mouth slobbery kisses ever.
You are the absolute best cuddler in the world.
You know how to make mama feel loved when she's having a rough day.

You're such a blessing to our little family, and you were JUST what we needed to complete it!

We love you!

A year of Mattis and his trust dog, "Jake" that Dannika made him from Buld-A-Bear.


  1. Happy first birthday to your sweet boy! He's just precious!

  2. Such a handsome big guy! Happy Birthday, Mattis!

  3. Happy Birthday Mattis!! Such a cutie!

  4. Happy Birthday, Mattis! He is so cute! And definitely all boy by the sound of it!

  5. Awww... Happy birthday Matt is! Such a cutie!!!!


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