Sunday, August 3, 2014

Memory Lane..the Good, Bad, & Ugly

I was going through my computer the other day just deleting some old files and cleaning it up a bit.
I came across some photos that I hadn't seen in YEARS that gave me such fond, not so fond, and just random memories.
I thought I'd share a few and take you to a trip down my memory lane.

I don't even remember what year this was, but this was definitely WAY before I even knew Nick existed!
This is my friend Kim and me in a bar in PB (Pacific Beach in San Diego).
 This picture makes me laugh because that evening, a few of the Marines we worked with ended up in the "paddy wagon" (the drunk tank).
For those of us who did not get arrested, we ended up at Denny's and this adorable innocent girl that you see in the photo (Kim...not me...haha), stole some random guy's food because he was passed out when his food came out. 
How I managed a successful career in the Marine Corps for 10 years without getting in (too much) trouble is beyond me....for real.

My old roommate Eddie and me.
He was my roommate when I met Nick!
We used to go to Rookies (a sports bar in Oceanside that Marines frequent) pretty much every night...well not EVERY night...but we went A LOT!
I once punched a Samoan gang member in the face at this bar, then I was carried over the shoulder of a Marine I worked with, locked in the backseat of my car, while he rounded up the rest of the rowdy bunch to make our getaway before the cops showed up. I managed a successful career in the Marine Corps for 10 years is BEYOND ME!

This is a group of the female Marines that were in my unit.
My friend Jamie (second girl from the left) was on restriction (google it), so we decided to throw her a party in the barracks
I'm pretty sure we provided her with alcohol (which she was not allowed to have on restriction), but man, that was a fun night.
Providing Marines that are already in trouble with you see a trend?? God was really looking out for THIS Marine.

I was lucky to have gotten to work with such awesome female Marines.
We all got along (which is rare), there was no cattiness or backstabbing...
Not to mention...they were all absolutely gorgeous...
Hot AND can kick your butt?! 
We're a rare breed...girl Marines.

Back when going to TJ (Tijuana) was legal for Marines (with a chit of course), I took my sister there when she came to visit me in San Diego.
We walked around, bartered for fake Louis Vuitton sunglasses, and ate some awesome and authentic Mexican food!

What I miss most about California is being a 5 minute drive away from the beach...

Sgts Course...
One of the best courses I went to as a Marine. 
I had an absolute blast, and our platoon took the PT trophy (of course).
There were 5 females in the course, and 5 platoons.
Each platoon got a female.
Every platoon's female brought their PT and PFT down...
Beast mode....I can hang with the boys.

I got promoted to Sgt in times.

I love the photobomb in this photo.
 This photo was taken at a party that my instructor at Recruiters' School threw our class at his home.
 Nick was a drill instructor at the time, so since we were on the same base, we spent a lot of time together.
I'm pretty sure this photo was taken just a few weeks after we got married!
It's true...we eloped while I was in recruiters' school cause they were gonna send my ass to Duluth, GEORGIA!!!!!!

One of my last days as an active duty Marine.
The person you see in this picture...
You'd never believe all the stuff above, huh?
This girl is now a settled down wife of an amazing husband and a mother to two adorable kids.
My, how times have changed!

Hope y'all enjoyed my!


  1. Ha! This reminds me of when I look back at my college pictures!

  2. Haha, I keep my college photos nicely hidden away but this was too funny!

  3. Fun pictures. I'd love to be 5 minutes from the beach!

  4. I LOVE your blog. But I actually go recruited out of Duluth, Ga back in 2010! hahaha so funny that you were going to go there! Now I am a Veteran and Military spouse of an active duty Marine! <3


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