Friday, August 1, 2014

Well Hello August!

It's FINALLY August!
I've been impatiently waiting for this month ALL summer, and it's finally here.
I just need these next few days to fly by.
This month is packed for our little family!

*Nick graduates from OCS
*Nick's 31st birthday
*Mattis' first birthday
*Dannika's 1st day of Kindergarten

Seriously though...
I haven't done a single thing to plan for Nick OR Mattis' first birthday.
I feel horrible.
I definitely have 2nd baby syndrome with Mattis, and I don't see myself throwing him an extravagant party like I did for Dannika....sorry dude.
My aunt in S. Korea is sending me a traditional Korean "dol hambok" for him.
 "Dol" (Korean for 1st Birthday), is a big deal for Koreans.
Dannika was thrown a traditional Korean Dol by my family in Texas.
Nick was deployed at the time.

Koreans do this fun little game called "doljabi".
They place different objects that represent different aspects into their future in front of the birthday girl/boy, and see which one they grab.
For Dannika, they had yarn (long life), rice (will never go hungry), money (wealth), and a pencil (will be studious and smart).

I believe Dannika grabbed the money and the rice.

I don't think Mattis' dol will be as big as Dannika's, but I know I'm gonna have to make this happen.
I don't want him to be mad at me when he's older for throwing his sister a 1st birthday party, and not him! 
As for Nick, he had mentioned that he just wanted to BBQ with our neighbors and drink some beer.
I really want to do something special for him though.
I was pregnant for his 30th birthday last year, and we didn't get to really celebrate a proper 30th birthday.
I got to go to California for my 30th, and Nick made the trip really special for me (complete with a new Louis Vuitton bag!!!). 
So, I have a few weeks to rack my brain and think of something cool for his 31st.
Suggestions would be nice!

Here's what we've been doing to help pass time (as it sloooowly creeps on by)..

Walks, runs, and scooter rides through the neighborhood...
"Hey mama, take a picture of this acorn and send it to daddy!"

Nights in front of the TV eating home popped organic popcorn in coconut oil.
Such a delicious and healthy snack,

I went shopping yesterday for some outfits for the family for when we go see Nick!
I always say, if you want to keep your marriage hot, take some effort to look hot for your significant other...this goes for men too!
I always take a little more effort to look nice on weekends when I know Nick's going to Facetime us.
I'll have a whole blog post on this topic later...
Anyway, on our shopping trip, I scored Mattis his first pair of kicks.
They're Robeez!

We've done lots of time at Jam Time (indoor play place).
It's the perfect place for me to take both kids because Mattis can crawl around everywhere vice a playground where he's confined to the baby swing for the most part.

Such a creeper already...or maybe a future sniper?!

Check out that belly....

Here's to an exciting new month!


  1. Enjoy your August!

    I'm just excited that the kids go back to school this month.

  2. Yay for August! Y'all have a lot of big things happening this month! I, for one, am looking forward to school starting up again! ;-)

  3. Hooray for August! I love the Korean tradition for the 1st birthday. I think it would be nice for Mattis :) I'm so happy for you that this month is going to be full of positive things!

  4. Sounds like a lot of great stuff happening for you this month!


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