Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Slice of My Thoughts

Oh, where to start.
I haven't blogged the past few days because my thoughts have been a jumbled blob.
It finally feels like summer...the heat...the humidity....except it's September.
Not only is it September, but pumpkin spice lattes are back at Starbucks, and as much as I hate cooler weather and Fall time, I welcome PSL's with open arms.
 I had to get it iced cause it was too hot to have it hot.
So...way to go New England...your summer is like 2 months late!
This is weather I wanted like in July and August...NOT September. 
I ran in this humid weather, and what started off as a 7 mile run, turned into 4.
My body is just not acclimatized to the humidity yet.
Also, I'm not a super long distance runner.
I've told y'all, my knees can't handle the half and full marathon distances anymore.
I choose to keep my runs short and work on speed.
 Once I realized that I wasn't gonna make it 7 miles (which was at mile 1), I picked up the pace.
If I'm gonna run short, I'm gonna make up for the lost miles in speed!
I was pretty pumped that I averaged under 7 minutes a mile for 4 miles...humidity and all!
If I would have been half as dedicated as I am now back in high school cross country, I woulda been a hell of a lot better...oh well...live and learn.

Nick and I don't eat a lot of red meat, but we realized we had not grilled steaks all summer (BLASPHEMY!).
I bought these two gorgeous grass fed ribeyes from Whole Foods, and we are now "converts" to the grass fed meat movement.
The meat was so tender, and just genuinely more delicious.

An art project...
I don't consider myself a great artist...but I'm pretty proud of how this is turning out.
This will probably end up in Mattis' room.

Mattis and I are enjoying our quiet mornings together once Dannika gets on the bus for school.
We work out (by "we", I mean I work out, and he plays in the gym daycare).
We come home, he goes down for his nap, and I have two glorious hours of pure peace.

Remember how I was freaking out last week about Dannika getting off at the wrong bus stop?
We went over a dozen times this weekend where she needs to get off the bus at.
Once I dropped her off this morning on the bus, I started feeling anxious.
Even though we had talked all weekend long about what to do in case she accidentally got off at the wrong stop, I was worried.
I worried all day.
Nick came home from work just in time to go to the bus stop with me, because if she just happened to not get off, I would have freaked out.
He's the calm one.
And thankfully...

I've never put Marine Corps stickers on my car.
It was just personal preference when I was active duty.
I didn't need the world to know that I was affiliated with the Marine Corps by a sticker on my car.
That, and for you young Marines out there (yeah...I'm talking to you, boot)...the salty Marines make fun of you.
I told myself, I'd get myself one once I became an official veteran.
So for the last two years, I've been searching for the perfect one.
I didn't want the typical Marine Corps "flair" that most Marines put on their vehicles.
It only took two years, but I finally found one that screamed my name...
It's got two things I love...Texas and the United States Marine Corps...all in one.


We officially have web orders, and have to be in Texas NO LATER THAN Oct 15th, which means we would probably PCS around the end of THIS MONTH!
Did I mention how thrilled I am to be finally leaving this place?!?!

So there you go!
A little slice of my thoughts...


  1. Well hey, at least you can run. I die if I start to run. So I stick to walking.

    Mm. Love steak so much.

  2. I bet you are SO EXCITED to finally have a sort-of-concrete date to pack up and head out of there!!

  3. Way to go Dannika! Us mommies worry way too much don't we?
    Our weather is seriously mixed up around here too. This is the first time it's felt like Summer all Summer long!!!!

  4. You go girl with that running! Sometimes I am jealous of you. So glad things worked out with Dannika!! Also.. I just got anxiety for you thinking of how soon you guys have to report. Holy cow.

  5. Is the iced pumpkin spice good? I've only gotten it hot and always forget to order a cold one before it gets cold outside haha.

    <a href="http://sunflowerspluslove.blogspot.com/>Sunflowers & Love</a>

  6. You're leaving right before the leaves turn their colors. One last perfect fall for you before HOME! How exciting..but don't forget a stop to the apple orchards out west of you, PERFECT family affair.

  7. So glad she found the right spot! this Kindergarten thing is hard on the Mommas!


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