Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Home Buying...again.

 When we moved to Massachusetts, we chose against buying a house because most of the houses out here are SO OLD, and the newer ones are like a million dollars...(totally not joking or exaggerating!).
We chose to rent, and although we have been blessed to have a home in an AMAZING neighborhood (that we could never afford to BUY in)....
Renting a home sucks....bottom line.
I just feel like I'm throwing my money away every month, and it sucks not to be able to really make the house feel like a home.
I feel like anything I want to do to make it MY home, I have to get permission from the landlord, or I'm tip toeing around our rental agreement.
I also realized that we don't take as great care of the home as we would if it were our own.
Not saying we are treating the house like crap, but little things that we would pay special attention to in a home that we own don't get much love in our rental.

When we found out we were moving to Texas for a few years, there was no doubt in our minds that we would be purchasing our second home there.
With our PCS coming up in the next month, we've been house hunting via Facetime with our realtor (and a little help from some friends!).
I forgot how stressful house hunting can be...especially not being able to see the house in person and having 100% faith in your realtor.
People think we're crazy for buying a house "site unseen".
For some reason, I'm not really freaked out.
I guess being a military family, I've know many families who buy homes before they PCS somewhere new without actually SEEING the home in person.
But then again, when has military life seemed normal to ANY civilian?!
Currently, we have an offer in on a home that we are moving forward on.
It's actually the third time we've put in an offer on two different homes.
The first time, our offer wasn't accepted, so we moved onto another house.
Our offer was accepted on the second house, but I had my heart really set on the first one.
I had already fallen in love with it, and even though we were moving forward on another home, I kept hoping the first one would become available again.
Lo and behold!! Our realtor called us to let us know that the original house we wanted was back on the market.
We backed out of our second contract, and went back to the first one.
So here we are...just hoping everything moves smoothly until closing, and keeping our fingers crossed for nothing crazy to happen.
I just can't wait to move, and be in our own home again!
And neither can this girl!
Have you ever bought a home "site unseen"?



  1. We've always lived on base housing, so I'm no help. Good luck though!!

  2. We have never bought a house yet. This is the first duty station that we have stayed at for more than 18 months. I want to buy a house so badly for all the same reasons you said. But until we actually stay put for a little bit I just can't do it. I hope all goes well with your house, fingers crossed!!

  3. We started to buy a home "sight unseen". My husband already moved up to Virginia and I was still in Georgia finishing school. It was under contract before I got to see it. It didn't work out for our family and we backed out of the contract. But I know many families who've done it!


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