Thursday, September 11, 2014

Just Another Day...

As I sit here in front of my computer today, I reflect on our family's last 13 years.
Obviously, Nick and I have not been together 13 years, but 13 years ago was a moment the redefined our lives until today.
I spent 10 years in the Marine Corps never knowing what a "peace time Marine Corps" is like.
I pray that, at the least, Nick gets to experience a "peace time Marine Corps" before he retires.
Can you imagine spending 20+ years in an organization that has constantly been at war?
I can't imagine it, but watching the news, it seems like it could very possibly be a reality for our family.

For some families, like my "soul sister" London, September 11th is the reason her brother Vincent went to war in Afghanistan one year, and came home in a flag draped casket.
Almost a decade after the initial attacks...
I can't imagine how a day like today must feel like for her and her family.
I know it's taken several years for Nick to finally be able to grieve and mourn the loss of his friend and brother.

So today, I lived my day like I would any other day.
I packed my daughter's lunch, dropped her off at the bus stop, came home, and played with my son.
I went to the gym, and when I felt like my knees were going to give out on me, I thought about Vince, and I kept going.

I posted on my Instagram this photo today...
With this quote...

"We Marines are truly blessed. We get to enjoy the sweet taste of freedom because we know its' price." -Marine veteran and NY fireman John Chipura

And really, it's not just's every service member.
 It was a quote by a Marine, and I thought it was fitting for us because we're a Marine family.

Honestly, I talk to London pretty regularly and we always end up talking about Vince.
Every time Mattis does something crazy, I text her to ask her, "is this something Vince would do?! I'm pretty sure Vince is channeling himself through our son!!! poor me!"

So today was no different than any other day.
I thought about London, her family, and Vince...just like I do every day....every day when I look at my son....
I hope that one day, we can sit down and talk about the tragic events of 9/11 with Mattis.
I hope that one day, Nick will take Mattis hunting and tell him happy stories about Vince.
And I hope that we can raise our son to be just as brave and courageous as Vince was...


  1. The way you guys honor your friend brings tears to my eyes. Thanks for another reminder of how the last 13 years have truly changed America. Much love my friend.

  2. I was a Marine spouse for almost seven months before 9-11 happened. It was quite a different world, but still a lot is the same.. it's a 'new normal' of sorts I guess. Deployment wasn't even a word on anyone's radar, and now it's just a fact of life.
    The husband retires in three years and I believe we will still be fighting then, too...

  3. Sis, this is such a beautiful post and I just love the photos you posted. Each day without Vincent feels longer than the day before sometimes. But God eases the pain by bringing the most wonderful, caring and loving people just like you, Nick, Dannika and Mattis into our lives. <3

  4. Its crazy to think of everything going on for almost 20 years ... but sadly, I think its the world we live in these days. I dont know if there will ever truly be peace again, although we can all hope and pray for it. Thank you, and Nick, for your service and dedication to this country and our Marine Corps.


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