Thursday, September 18, 2014

Semper Fi Society

The "Semper Fi Society" is a group of Navy ROTC midshipmen who are under Marine option contracts.
(There is no such thing as Marine Corps ROTC since we are a department of the Navy)
Most colleges with an NROTC program have a Semper Fi Society.
The best way I can describe it is comparing it to a fraternity...with slightly more mature college kids with (in my humble opinion) their sights set on a selfless career after college.
The biggest thing that Nick had a hard time adjusting to when he took this assignment is the lack of junior Marines.
Junior Marines give Marine leaders purpose.
It gives leaders someone to mentor and mold.
The closest we got to adopting a group of junior Marines was the Semper Fi society.
Honestly, for the most part, they remind me of junior Marines.
The difference between a LCpl and a regular "civilian" college kid is the level of discipline and maturity that they possess.
However, LCpls are still young, impressionable, slightly less than smart, and have a level of immaturity compared to more senior Marines.
I've always said, however, I'd rather trust my life with a group of 17-19 year old LCpls than with 21-23 year old college kids.
However, the college students that are a part of the NROTC program, and specifically the Semper Fi Society, tend to have a grasp on life moreso than their peers that sit next to them in their classes.
They're just like LCpls....still young and impressionable...but with a slightly higher level of discipline than the average "Joe".
I know Nick enjoyed aspects of working closely with the Semper Fi Society, because to him, it was like mentoring his junior Marines. 

So today, a few of the members from the society threw Nick a small "hail and farewell" at a small pub right next to Boston University called Cornwall's.
We enjoyed food and drinks.
I got to meet Nick's replacement Gy and his wife.
It was a great time, and we were so appreciative that they took time out of their classes and busy schedules to come see us off.

On our way!

The gift from the SFS.
We have an insane amount of challenge coins that Nick and I have collected over the years, and our little challenge coin holder had overflowed, and we had coins just sitting on top of our bookshelf.
Emilee knew this issue we had with our coin storage, and they came up with this awesome challenge coin holder for Nick!

We also got matching BU work out shirts!

All of our coins fit and we have room for more!

The inscription on it.

We're not sad to be leaving Boston, but we are sad to say goodbye to all the wonderful people that have been a part of our lives here!
I'm sure we will run into these guys (and gals) someday in the fleet, so until next time!!!

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