Friday, October 24, 2014

Life in College Station

Sorry I've been so "out of it" with blogging and stuff.
I keep up with most of y'all on Instagram (if you have one), and if I get a quick minute, I'll head to your blog to skim through what I've missed.
But I sincerely apologize for giving no love to y'all.
I've been painstakingly going through hundreds of boxes full of our life, and to be honest, it's been quite exhausting (to say the least).
We are in the process of doing a few cool DIY projects for our new house (on top of unpacking the million boxes of "stuff" we have), so I'll do a post on that some other time.

Oh yeah, our "stuff" finally arrived....3 weeks later than our anticipated date.
But like I said, as much as it sucked the last 3 weeks, our family made the best of it, and I did very little complaining.
After all, no use complaining over a service the military provides for FREE.
If you're gonna complain, "move yo own dayum self!", and you can do everything the way YOU want it.

So here's a little update on our happy little life in this happy little town called College Station...

I've done a lot more running since moving here to try and get my body acclimatized faster to the heat and humidity. 
Two laps around my neighborhood is 5 miles, which is a perfect distance to get acclimatized...not too long...not too short.
I had Nick bring Mattis to the park down the street from our house, and met up with them after my run :)

I've ALWAYS been a die hard Aggie...I mean...I DID grow up here and was brainwashed.
I've slowly turned the rest of my family into Aggies, and now that Nick will officially be a part of the FIGHTIN' TEXAS AGGIE CLASS OF 2017, he has embraced the spirit of Aggieland.
He even threw away most of his Alabama gear (except for a baseball hat that he has worn at almost every important family milestone).

Since our furniture took so long to arrive, every weekend, we loaded up the car and drove down the Houston to my parents house (an hour and a half away).
Free food, a nice bed, and lots of cuddle time with the grandkids for my parents!! It's a win/win!!

Last weekend, we BBQ'ed at my parent's friends house.
This is my gorgeous mama and me!

Since I had no cooking utensils, or anything in my kitchen for the last 3 weeks, we ate out pretty much every single day.
It was nice at first...
Then it got old...real quick.
I don't want to see the inside of a restaurant for a very long time...
Oh, did I mention our kids are not well behaved at restaraunts? 
See below...

The day our stuff arrived....
The happiest most stressful day ever.

We live half a mile away from Dannika's school.
I LOVE walking her to and from school every day.
I love seeing all the parents walking their own kids, the kids riding their bikes/scooters...
I love how everyone waves at us and tells us hello...
Sometimes, I feel like I am living in an episode of Leave It To Beaver/The Brady Bunch...

Well, this guy sometimes gets bored on our walks to school...

Oh, and the neighborhood conveniently paved this walkway that takes us straight to her school from our neighborhood.
The walk is gorgeous.
(note: no Fall colors here. LUSH green trees....New England can keep their orange, red, and yellow DYING leaves.)
To me, Fall means "death"...everything is dying, and the horrible winter (for New England and all places cold) is approaching.

We walked Dannika to school today, and I realized Nick was wearing his OCS sweatshirt that had "Drill or Kill" written on the back with blood splatter on it.
Not appropriate for elementary school

So life in CSTX is awesome.
I love being back in the town I grew up in.
I love the look on our neighbor's faces when I tell them I grew up here.
Most people in this town are either students or affiliated with the University in some way.
There's not TOO many of us "townies" here.
I love all the big trucks, country accents, the friendly strangers, our amazing new house, our neighbors, our neighborhood......
Honestly, I can't think of ONE single negative thing about this place.
I count my blessings every day, and every prayer I've said since moving here has been filled with gratitude towards God for bringing me back.

Life. Is. Good.


  1. I am so glad you are enjoying your move and getting everything all set up. I am excited to see pictures!

  2. Yay -- your stuff arrived! Hopefully it was all in one piece?! Glad you are enjoying your time and place!

    1. For the most part, all of our stuff is in tact!! So grateful for that!!!

  3. Oh no - how did I not know that Nick had a stash of Alabama gear? I'm glad that you're setting him on the straight and narrow!

  4. Yay I'm so glad that you're so happy there!!! And that you got your stuff! The wait for that is never fun!


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