Wednesday, October 15, 2014

So Far...

Our family's been transplanted in Texas for just about 2 weeks now.
The transition has been anything but smooth, but we are still a lot happier here than we were in Massachusetts (hallelujah for that!!!).
Of course, this is besides the fact that we still have not received our household goods (that were supposed to arrive on the 3rd, but are now being told the 20th).
So we currently still reside in an empty house with two lawn chairs, an air mattress, a playpen, internet, our portable electronics, oh, and 3 barstools that I purchased for the house.
We are making the best of it though, and since Dannika is in Kindergarten full time, we only have to deal with trying to entertain one child in an empty house.
Last weekend, we spent the weekend at my folk's house and enjoyed sleeping on a bed and a few good home cooked meals.

A few days after we arrived here in Texas, Nick got hit with a horrible stomach bug that put him on a deathbed for a day.
Of course a few days after, I got hit with the same bug which put me out for about 2 days.
So it was just a matter of time when our children would get it.
Well last night was the night when that bug attacked our family with a vengeance!
Our poor Dannika had a rough night...we're talking horrible, explosive diarrhea....everywhere.
Of course, we don't have a washer and dryer (because it's somewhere in this country on the back of a moving truck), so we were up last night hand washing what we could, and taking stuff outside and hosing it off.
This turned into our family's first ER visit in Texas.
Turns out this nasty stomach bug is going around, and the only remedy the doctors gave us was to "let it run its' course" and the "BRAT diet" (of course).
Today I dropped all of our "soiled" linens, clothes, at a a wash and fold laundromat.
It's been crazy, and after a crazy night like last night, I'm getting more than impatient for all of our stuff to arrive.
It's strange how exhausting it is living in an empty house, especially with a sick child.
Tensions are running high, and patience is wearing thin!

But to end on a high note...
We are absolutely in love with our new neighborhood, and it's so nostalgic to drive by all these places that I grew up around as a child.
The thick country accents, the friendly "hellos" everywhere we go, the warm weather, and of course this beautiful home that we can call ours is all worth it.

If y'all want to catch up with my family via photos, check out my instagram (domesticatedcombatboots)!
Until I have my computer back up and running, it's hard for me to post photos on my blog!


  1. Yuck, sorry you all got sick and you're still waiting for your household goods :/

    But I'm glad you love your neighborhood!

  2. I feel ya on your stuff getting delayed. That is no fun at all and I am so sorry you are having to go through that. Hopefully it all arrives in tact on the 20th, and so glad you are back in the motherland!!

  3. Oh no -- poor kiddo! Hope she's feeling better today! I can only imagine how big of a PITA it must be to have to deal with that on top of not having your hhg!

  4. OH no! I am hoping that bug leaves ALL of you alone ASAP!

  5. I hope you guys all feel better soon!!! So glad you are now happy where you exactly want to be. Sucks that things still aren't going right. Just hang in there!


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