Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Struggle Is Real

In our almost 7 years of marriage, this home is our 5th home we've lived in.
When we first got married, we lived briefly in Nick's bachelor pad apartment with his roommate.
When we got our first little apartment, we furnished it ourselves with lots of IKEA furniture.
We bought furniture to fit our small space, and it worked well in that space with the layout of our apartment.
When we bought our first townhome, our furniture that we had from our original apartment didn't quite work out with the layout of our new home.
It was a perfect excuse for us to get rid of our IKEA furniture and upgrade to "grown up" furniture.
I bought furniture that fit the layout of the townhouse we lived in, and it was perfect.
Then we moved from our little townhouse to this giant 2600 square foot house in Massachusetts.
Our stuff that had fit so nicely in our little OC townhouse just seemed so small in such a big house.
We made it work though, and the only thing we ended up replacing was our dining room table.
We built a huge farmhouse style table for our huge dining room.
So here we are in our new house in Texas...
Our huge dining room does not fit in our dining room, so it has sadly turned into an outdoor table.
Which is actually fine, because we have this awesome backyard and HUGE deck to host BBQ's and parties in, so it works.
Nick and I are planning on building another table together.
Also, our living room layout is so different from our last house, and I'm having such a hard time finding a way to make our furniture work.
I really just want to say screw it, and buy a new couch that fits and works in the lay out of this house.
I know Nick would not agree with me on that....
I mean seriously though...
With as much as we move as military families, it really does suck trying to figure out how to make your furniture from your old house work in your new house.
I've moved the couches and chairs in our living room a dozen times already, and can't get fully satisfied.

Oh the struggle....
The struggle is real....

On a brighter note...
Our second child FINALLY has some photos of him up on our walls!!!!!!!
It only took a year.

Our home is no longer a Dannika shrine (as some have called it)....

Just a funny photo I snapped of my Mattis...
Fell asleep just like that on his rocking chair.
Guess he was tired...


  1. It is so weird trying to make old furniture work! We haven't had any problems yet aside from needing a little more furniture when we moved into a bigger house... but I know our next house will be smaller than this one, so it'll be interesting trying to figure out what to put where!

  2. It really is a struggle sometimes! We've been married 6 years and have lived in 4 houses and we've managed to somehow make it work, but in some places it was cramped, and in others, the furniture felt lost!

  3. Haha our house is a shrine to me and my husband then... lol. I need to get some pictures up of the baby. But more than likely it will wait until the next time we move. Bahah.


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