Saturday, November 1, 2014

A Frozen Halloween

I love waking up in the morning the day after Halloween, scrolling threw my newsfeed, and seeing all y'alls adorable kids in their costumes!
I seriously just spent the last 20 minutes liking everyone's Halloween photos on Facebook and Instagram.
With that said, our first official Halloween in Texas was a success!!!
Just like a million other families with children obsessed with Frozen, our children went as Elsa and Olaf.
So original...I know, but she had her heart set on Elsa for SO LONG!
I tried to talk her into something else, but she was not havin' it.

So here she is...Princess Elsa.
 The wig is actually a Rapunzel wig, but it worked!
I put some blush on her cheeks and her nose, glitter make up, and of course Elsa's famous purple eye shadow!

The cutest Elsa and Olaf on the block!

I was actually pretty surprised he kept the head piece of the costume on...

 Dannika got a TON of compliments from other trick or treaters about her costume.

He kinda got the hang of it....but not really...
He actually tried to walk into most of the houses.

And lastly...because my goofy husband insisted on dressing up as well....
I introduce to you....Hulk Hogan.
The tights didn't stay on all night...they weren't....modest....

 Perfectly normal...just Olaf and Hull Hogan walking down the street....

We spent the rest of the evening sitting out on our curb with our neighbors, drank beer/wine, and passed out candy.
All in all, it was the perfect Halloween for our first of several in Texas!!!


  1. Awesome costumes. Love the Hulk Hogan one! Ha.

    My daughter loves her Elsa dress. She didn't wear it for Halloween, but she wears it when I run errands sometimes. We get our money's worth when we buy Disney stuff, that's for sure.

  2. The kids look so stinking cute in their costumes! Hulk Hogan looks awesome too!

  3. The kids are the cutest! I love that they coordinated! :)

  4. Haha! I love all the costumes! We actually didn't see many Elsa's come to the door. But then again all the kids were in winter gear so we wouldn't be able to tell. ha!

  5. They look great in their costumes! Glad you had a fun Halloween!


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