Friday, November 21, 2014

Dannika's Room Tour

Dannika's bedroom is not completely finished yet, but I figured I'd go ahead and give y'all a mini sneak peak.
I'll be sure to post the "final product" of her room once it's exactly how I want it (which may be never at the amount of indecisiveness I am currently having with it).

But enjoy for now!

So we let Dannika choose her paint for her room this time.
She actually originally chose this fuschia type color, and I talked her down into a baby pink (whew!).

She actually has the largest walk in closet in the house....for real....I'm jealous.

See those two photos hanging up on the left side? 
They look a little awkwardly placed right now, but it's because I can't decide on the type of nightstand I want to put there under neath those photos.
Also, that elegant ballerina art piece that is hanging above her bed was given to me by my mom.
It used to hang in Dannika's Aunt Lydi's room.
I also purchased a chandelier to hang above her bed that you can't really see in these photos.

On the other side of her bed, we built a "floating desk" for her.

My plans are to get her a new comforter.
It doesn't really match this room (it matched her last room).
The comforter just makes it feel like pink just straight up threw up in here.
I know she loves pink, but I think a different colored bed spread will tone it down a lot, and make the pink that she has on her walls pop more. 
Right now, I feel like it just kinda gets washed away into the "sea of pinknesss".
I can't help it that I have a daughter obsessed with pink....


  1. I'd go with white for the comforter, but with pink sheets underneath that she can peel back over the top 18 inches when she makes the bed (oorah), and pink and white striped pillow cases. This way it fits the theme without killing it.

    1. I was actually thinking white for a comforter!!!

  2. (Maybe look at white for the curtains too. It is a bit much, lol.)

  3. THANK YOU --- Every time I see a kid's room tour, you never see any toys. And all I can think is either that poor kid must live a boring life or WHERE THE HECK ARE THEY?!!?? You know? So nice to see that a room can look cute and fun, and still have all their toys in there!

  4. LOVE it. I think it is so fun that you guys let her pick her own wall color. My parents let me do that when I was like 16.. and then I painted it myself. LOL.


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